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  1. I just wanted to thank you guys for having such an awesome product. As soon as my virus protection expired from the Geeksquad at BestBuy, my computer was suddenly hit by virus after virus (fake pc defender, spoolsv.exe, new folder.exe virus, fake windows security, fake windows essentials virus, xp recovery virus, ). I didnt renew it because I know more about computers then the most the staff there who was supposed to be helping me, and they could never offer assistance. Someone suggested malwarebytes on an online forum and once downloaded it changed my life drastically, only I could not scan often enough to catch the virus that ate my boot .exe (boot virus). Once I reinstalled my system I decided that paying for this program was worth while. I'm not sure why anyone would create a virus ike that in the first place, but since downloading your software (pro), I have not had a virus....Due to the low low price and the effectivness of the program, I will recommend this program to EVERYONE I know, it is well worth the money . Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!
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