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  1. Seems like MBAM only provides HTTP scanning so PeerBlock is still needed: http://forums.peerblock.com/read.php?8,5696,5698
  2. So I noticed in the past that while downloading torrents (not illegal or copyrighted torrents but legit stuff), MBAM usually blocks a lot of connections which is good I suppose? Anyway, I stopped using MBAM Pro about 6 months ago and now I wanna use it again but recently I have discovered a program called PeerBlock which blocks research companies and such from connecting to you and finding what you're doing. So my question is, do I need PeerBlock if I am using MBAM Pro? or do they find different things? Any conflicts you would think from them both running together? I just formatted and didn't install both of em yet so I am a bit cautious as I don't want to mess a clean system.
  3. I've seen guides that show how to do this but that was for MBAM 1.7; now I see that MBAM has a lot more files in its folder so I don't know which ones excactly need to be excluded? Can someone post a step by step guide on how to do this with the new MBAM please? Thanks
  4. oh thanks man how come none of my other AVs detected those? neither KIS nor NOD32 nor Norton nor Bitdefender
  5. Well I didn't mean that literally bro what I meant, is it comes in my way and my daily workflow. Never had a virus in my life. but to me, Emsisoft is a virus
  6. Iniitially it was ok for me to report an FP because they respond quickly and whitelist the file. Then it started irritiating me, stuff like my VPN (Private Internet Access) which no other AV has reported is being flaved as a virus, finem they whitelist it, next comes SVP (smooth video project) since it injects itself into the media player to give you 60 FPS playback, the behavioral blocker detects it as a virus. They whitelist it, but then every other update which happen automatically btw, and the file gets flagged again...... then I was really annoyed... the AV was getting in my way more than protecting me which totally defeats the point of having an AV. I am a safe user I just keep an AV for those bad days, but if an AV is gonna become a nuisance then no thank you. Have you read this: http://support.emsisoft.com/forum/58-false-positives/ it's horrific the amount of FPs they have and here are the FPs reported by me! even 3DMark for the love of the lord is a virus..... Private Internet Access FP 3DMark FP (downloaded from my Steam Account) RWEverything FP (a tool to look at BIOS parameters) Free Skype Video Recorder FP Alienware Merciless TactX Mouse Driver FP Revo Uninstaller PRO FP Nero Recode 2014 FP SVP FP Emsisoft is not an antivirus! IT IS A VIRUS! that's what a virus does! come in your way in almost everything you do!
  7. alright thanks man, that's what I was simply asking
  8. I understand I'm not asking to comment on the above mentioned AVs I am simply asking if MBAM + Windows Defender is enough for my usage habits that I have explained to you and my current setup What would you do? Would you run MSE + MBAM Pro or would you choose another AV?
  9. I added the Windows Defender to MBAM exclusion lists is that right? to add the entire folder? or shall I just add the Windows defender.exe? Why are there 2 folders for Windows defender? one 32 bit and the other 64 bit in program files / program files (x86) shall I excluse both?.
  10. When I asked if MBAM Pro is enough on its own I was told that it wasn't and should only be a complement to an AV But my problem is I have tried every single AV out there and each one has its quircks. So would MSE + MBAM be a good enough solution? Mind you I also use Pale Moon + Adblock Plus + Disconnect + LastPass and I don't have a cracks on my computer all the software I have is purchased and licenses legally. I want to have a light solution that is good enough but won't give me problems NOD32 = Very heavy since v7 and it has problems that corrupt my Outlook 2010 or 2013 profile that I wouldn't be able to send emails anymore they will just sit there in the Outbox. Only happens when I install NOD32 Bitdefender AV = Very light but has too many FPs for my liking Kaspersky AV = Does not work well well with Nero Platinum Suite unless I disable it and has many bugs as seeon on their forums Emsisoft Anti-Malware = The king of false positives, comes in the way ineverything I do! Its behavioral blocker even detects SVP (Smooth Video Project) as a virus Webroot AV = any AV that doesn't allow the user to exclude certain folders is a big NO in my books. Add to that horrible protection and very high number of false positives, this is one useless AV Norton AV = Has a well known issue of having two taskbar icons in the taskbar that hasn't been resolved and won't be resolved since symantec say this is just a cosmetic bug and doesn't affect the functionality of your AV! well no thank you i'm not paying for a buggy piece of software (got my refund) I don't wanna bore ou any longer but you see I would rather get infected by a virus than install any of the above AVs as they come in my way, slow down my system, give me headaches when I am a safe user! Imagine how much those people who actually use cracks and such would suffer!
  11. I am seeing popups while downloading torrents like the image attached what is this site that uTorrent is trying to connect to? Does MBAM slow down my torrent downloads?
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