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  1. Thanks @alvarnell for replying. yes that's the document that I read and have tried searching using finder but as you say, it didn't give any results. I have easy find installed but have forgotten that I had it, I searched for mitmproxy and additionalchannelsearch, the only locations found were in Malwarebytes folders. So I'm not sure how its appearing again on startup... mitmdump and mitweb didn't show any results
  2. I have been having problems with a very slow Mac and even slower internet connection making the internet unusable including email not connecting. After running Malwarebytes .mitmproxy and additionalchannelsearch get quarantined and everything runs well This happens each time I turn the computer on How can I find out how to remove these problems rather than quarantine them on startup? I did find an article about .mitmproxy however I followed the steps to remove a keychain certificate but couldn't find one.
  3. I am using Thunderbird to send emails from my own domain hosted with hostgator. My account was suspended due to exceeding a sending limit and the password changed. No emails were in my out box to show them being sent from thunderbird however the security email recieved shows emails being sent from an email address that I do not own but using account details from an account that I do own. Hostgator suggested that I had a Trojan and needed to scan my PC I ran an updated scan of Malwarebytes on my computer however nothing was detected. Any ideas?
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