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  1. After I shut down the computer, I turned off the power to the satellite receiver, router, and the computer itself. I've found that some types of internet traffic (usually very interactive, with lots of back-and-forth data uploading and downloading) is more "fragile" than other activity. The power-down lets the sat receiver and the separate router do a full reboot. Updates are working all right this morning. The scheduled update check picked up 1.0.1591.
  2. I ran into this problem, but found a resolution. This was occurring on two machines, one licensed, one free. Both were stuck at 1.0.1570, since 3/22 AM on one, and 3/23 AM on the other. Looking at the logs, I saw a HTTP 503 error when it tried to go to a Keystone something. My other internet stuff was working, so I hadn't expected any trouble, but I'm on satellite internet, and weather has been horrible, so I tried a power-down reset. It worked. Never underestimate the value of the Big Red Switch!
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