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  1. What can i say... I wasnt able to boot, mbam was starting very fast. And as it started my os hang up.. Safemode was hanging too, before it boots. I booted up in normal mode and then shutdown again before mbam was able to start! Then the safemode worked and i uninstalled mbam. I was using Win Xp 32bit with Norton 360 & Online armor Firewall and Malwarebytes anti malware 1.37 Full v. I was to stupid to protect the mbam processes with online armor , so i couldnt exit it before it bring up the error and my os hang. Oh and yes mbam found in almost every boot the rootkit.goldun in other files! A
  2. @ Dimarini Now a few minutes ago my internet sucked down i got the registery keys from a friend it works now again. I upload it, if u internet still works activate this fast... It could happen that it wont work anymore like it happend for me. Download it from here i uploaded it: http://rapidshare.com/files/207990439/Back...S2IFSL.reg.html PS: You have to do this or ur internet wont work anymore this is a part of the TCP/IP Settings....
  3. Hello Guys, i got the same yesterday and i deleted it from the quarantine i dont know.. but everything works still fine, i have no problems. But i dont want that i get any problems because of this. Maybe i will get some problems later Can anyone save the the reg file from the registry and upload it here please.. Thanx in advantage....
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