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  1. When I tried to login the day I saw this in Chrome, the website kept telling me only employees were allowed to login, and that customers would be able to login 'soon'. I was mystified, since I wasn't even aware of there being a malwarebytes plugin/extension for Chrome, let alone ever having installed it.
  2. The last time MBAM told me there was an update and I told it to install, it appears to have wiped out my license info and all its Services, then failed without notice... so I was without MBAM protection until I noticed the blue M was missing from the Notification Area (nee System Tray) today... I tried to start it manually and got the 'unable to contact service' message. I ran the MB-Check util before MB-Clean/re-install... do you want the entire mb-check-results.zip file or is the mb-check-results.txt file (attached) enough? mb-check-results.txt
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