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  1. Thanks for your answer regarding one of mu questions. Thankfully,Malwarebytes alongside AVG. Do you know if one license can work on two computers? I'm planning on getting a new laptop for myself this summer and wondering is the CD a must to get the pro version on another computer?
  2. Hi, guys. I've had a copy of Malwarebytes program for almost two years now and I've never quite bought the full version. However, my sister (who is getting a new laptop) wants me to help her out to get a good antivirus. I, obviously, recommended Malwarebytes to her. She wants the full version and she says that she could get me it too. So the problem I have is, when I go to the purchasing page, there's three options. One's for the download, one for the CD, and one for the 24month download on server thing. I want to buy two licenses so my laptop could have one and hers too. So I select TWO item
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