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  1. I am having the same problem on 2 pc's. Reports can no longer be deleted from MBAM - only be manually deleting them from C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Scanresults. Seems to be a bug in MBAM Version 4.1.2. Appreciate any help on this as I don't like to scroll thru weeks of logs each time I check them.
  2. Same thing happening on 2 pcs here. Continual block of outbound items. What's going on??????
  3. I thought they had finally got the act together - I guess not. Just uninstalled MBAM with 3 lifetime licenses - probably not coming back. I can screw up my pc's enough on my own without help from MBAM. Thanks, for making me sure about uninstalling this, for good this time.
  4. I have one pc which is working properly with MBAM 3.1.2. Unfortunately, the other has the problem that it will not enable web protection or scan. I have just switched over to HitmanPro Alert, am running Windows Defender and turned off MBAM. Hopefully it will be fixed SOON!
  5. I just want to publicly thank Malwarbytes for all their efforts to get things sorted out. I was one of the loud critics, I'm afraid, as I got frustrated during your upgrade process. For that, I apologize. Anyway thanks - it is working great on my pc's. Good app. Thanks.
  6. I agree - this would give you the best protection with the least aggrevation.
  7. Your statement "The PC runs Win 10 Professional,.............................and Macrium Reflect V6 (just about to move to v7)" concerns me. Have you read the forum posts on Macrium Reflect V7? You may want to hold off for a while before moving to V7. Unless you have enjoyed the experience so far with Malwarebytes 3.0 - lol.
  8. Noticeable slowdown of pc with MBAM installed. B
  9. Installed today - so far no problems - will post back later if any develop. Glad to have it back.
  10. Thank you bdubrow for your post - please try to keep us updated as much as possible. I've gone from optimism to pessimism to despair back to hope since MBAM3 was released. It just helps if we realize someone at Malwarebytes is hearing our cries....thanks.
  11. MBAM 3 a real problem for many users - and communication between MBAM and the users is very unsatisfactory to many. PLEASE, MBAM just let us know what is going on - and whether we should wait for a fix, or just accept that this will never be a good app again and move on. In all fairness, you really owe your customers some explanation regarding the status and what we can expect.
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