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  1. CCleaner actually made a better progress bar in their newest release (2.17). The great thing about this progress bar is that it ends when it is supposed to end, and doesn't keep going from left to right in the previous versions. The progress bar that CCleaner has in 2.17 would be a GREAT addition to MBAM... Just my opinion . But of course if it is hard in any way to make this happen or that it would take too much time, please use the time on the definitions instead . Great product btw .
  2. That way* i know it has scanned 40k files and it needs to scan 80k more.
  3. I see... Well it was just a suggestion anyways... At least if there was a number showing how many files i had, i would know approximately when the scan would finish or how long there is left. For example MBAM is scanning file number 40.347. If it had done a fast scan of how many files there were located in the harddrive it would show me that there were about 120.000 files. That was i know it has scanned 40k files and it needs to scan 80k more. With that in mind i can do rest of the calculations myself. 40k files in 15 minutes = approximately 30 minutes before the scan is finished. When i got all this information in my head i can start working more efficient instead of wasting too much time either being away from the computer for too long or sitting and looking at the scan process until it's done. My work is to clean peoples computer and your software is a great tool so it would make it much easier knowing how many files there are or a progress bar that gives an estimate. At least i think it makes my job easier... More work done, less time wasted .
  4. No comments ? A post from a MBAM Employee would be nice...
  5. Hello Malwarebytes First of all i'd like to say thanks for a GREAT product. It's recommended almost everywhere, and even on Symantecs forum everybody recommends using your scanner HAHA . Anyways lets get on topic. I have been using your application for a small amount of time and i think its great but there is just one small detail which is missing... A Progress Bar. It would be GREAT to get a progress bar that shows when it's done scanning. This shouldn't be that hard to create afaik. MBAM could start by scanning how many files there are on the disk and then start canning the whole computer. That way it will know how many files there are to scan and will show a progress bar for how many % it has scanned ? I think that would be a great addition since i don't know how many files i have on the particular computer AND if malwarebytes show how many files there are and how much it has scanned it could even create an ETA on when it would be done scanning right ? Please add such a feature in any upcoming version of malwarebytes. Even i recommend your products to other people that got infected while having another Security application installed. (In a good way of course )
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