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  1. Before I sign off for the night, I'd like to encourage folks to start a regular "System Image" or "Disk Image" backup routine. This will take a snapshot of the drive that Windows is installed on (and other drives too, if you so instruct it). This is a stem-to-stern backup of your drive(s). There is such a backup program built into Windows 7 (Win8 is a bit more complex, but can also do it). In Vista Business and above and all versions of Win7, click on Start, All Programs, Maintenance, Backup and Restore. On the left side of the window, you should see "Create a System Image". The Wizard will gu
  2. Jazzbrew - Where are those files located? Are they in the Windows\System32 folder? I'll be hitting the sack soon, but perhaps you can find that info out so MBAM support can help you get to a solution faster.
  3. blargh - Do you have the Setup disk for Office? What version of Office do you have?
  4. Val, very sorry to hear you lost your data. That's why I said don't install or change anything till MBAM support could get to you. I'll send you a message with the name of an outfit I've worked with before. They're very good and very reasonable. Indeed, if there is any hope of recovering your data, you should stop using your laptop now. A wise decision on the backups, it's something I do nightly and every computer user should do it on a regular basis.
  5. Don't really know, but you might be better off just uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, if the rest of the system is fixed.
  6. Jackwnoe I notice that with Win7, I can right click on a number of system folders (Program Files, System32, etc) and select Restore Previous Versions. So if System Restore is working for you, you might get ahold of the files you want that way (if you know where they go). Did you check the path listed in Quarantine to verify the files just aren't there?
  7. Val, I'll have to take off in a couple of hours and won't be available for a while. Be sure to check in at the other thread that Firefox mentioned once you get a copy of the Win7 DVD and can boot from it, if email support doesn't contact you first. Don't install stuff or change things around unless they tell you to.
  8. Jackwnoe, if you can get the files out of quarantine, I would imagine that would be the way to go. Also, can you get into System Restore at this point? I'd also suggest first creating a system image with Windows Backup to an external drive, if you can, just as a safety measure.
  9. Val, don't lose faith. I think you're actually pretty close to a fix. If you can't boot from a CD, you may need to watch your screen when the HP logo first appears to see if there's an option to choose which drive to boot from. I believe on your laptop you would have to hit the ESC key to get the boot menu in order to select the CD drive as your boot device, but check your screen to make sure. Do get a copy of that Win7 disk too.
  10. Yes indeed, Val. You may find a repair shop that can burn a copy for you, but in any case, best luck and I'll keep an eye out for you.
  11. Good info, Andertrack and jkrysinski. If you need some software to burn .ISO files to a blank DVD, CDBurner XP (works in win7 too) would be a good choice. When you run Setup for CDBurner XP, there will be a choice to associate .ISO files with CDBurner XP. Select that and when setup is done, you can just double-click on your downloaded .ISO, slip a DVD in your drive and click the Burn Disc button. Keep the disc on hand, but I'd suggest waiting for MBAM support to help you should you actually need to use it to repair your system.
  12. Val, if you do have another PC you're working from, on Page 9 in the link that Firefox posted, Andertrack 723 posted a link to a downloadable .iso you can use to make a Win7 install disc for repair purposes. Don't actually attempt a repair with that disk unless instructed to do so by MBAM support, but it would be good to have it on hand. You would need the 32-bit version. If you need some software to burn .ISO files to a blank DVD, CDBurner XP (works in win7 too) would be a good choice. When you run Setup for CDBurner XP, there will be a choice to associate .ISO files with CDBurner XP. Select
  13. Advanced Setup, would it be possible to mod the tool so it could work on a slaved drive, or from a bootable environment without loading a user profile? Might save you folks a boatload of time...
  14. Thanks for the info, Val. How are you responding to me now? Are you using a smartphone or do you have another PC you're working from? Also, have you tried running the HP in Safe Mode?
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