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  1. Several weeks ago my computer with the Windows 7 Professional operating system began to freeze regularly. I had Malwarebytes Antimalware (PRO) and Microsoft Security Essentials installed with the MBAM Pro real time scanning enabled. While attempting to resolve the freezing issue, I uninstalled MSE and installed Avast!. My computer continued to freeze regularly. With both MSE and Avast, I followed the MBAM forum instructions to ignore the respecitive softwares but that didn't stop the freezing. After many frustrating weeks I turned off the MBAM Pro real time protection module. That was about two weeks ago. Since then, I haven't had a single issue with my computer freezing up. I'm happy my computer is no longer freezing up, but I'm not happy that I can't take advantage of the protection module with MBAM Pro. Are there additional exclusions that I need to set for MBAM Pro that the non-Pro version doesn't require? Do you have any other suggestions on making my MBAM Pro real time protection work successfully with Avast? Thanks.
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