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  1. ...and the winner is...FIREFOX...Tried Chameleon but none worked. Downloaded and ran mbam-clean.exe , re-installed and PRESTO, life is good again. Thanks to both of you for the help, I think I'll put a copy of that cleaner on my thumb drive too...thanks again...P
  2. If you ask me, no. I've been using this product for years and have found no equal. I'm just wondering what the rest of world thinks.
  3. Thanks gang I'll give these a go and get back to you all...Cheers!
  4. In the last few weeks I have had three different WinXP machines that will not run Malwarebytes. The program will load but not start, get the typical Windows message, "sorry but this program won't run". Tried uninstall/reinstall. no good. Tried Safe Mode, no good. Tried changing .exe name, no good. Other cleaners and anti-viruses work but not Malwarebytes. I'm worried as this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Anyone else out there having this issue? Thanks...P
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