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  1. Cannot access our Malwarebytes accounts for two separate registered users on two separate computers. Will not accept either username or password. Getting all kinds of weird pop ups on the Malwarebytes.com web site. Pissedconsumer.com and all that. Changed password 4 times and still cannot access. Don't see any way to contact support either if you can't log into your account. I had to eventually log in using Google and I ended up here in the forums instead of support sight. I just needed to view my account.
  2. I have searched the Knowledge base and the entire forum and get 0 results for locating the Quarantine folder. I've found instructions referring to to the Quarantine Tab, but cannot locate that either within the UI. Thanks
  3. Worked fine after I updated. I couldn't previously find the 3 subscriptions for $39... didn't think of shopping elsewhere, especially Amazon. I already discovered and located the add an additional copy for $10 from Malwarebytes, but thanks! Tim
  4. I noticed mine said Auto Renew also, I do not like that option but can't find where to turn it off. I purchased this for someone and do not want to do it again.
  5. I noticed it was now listed on the "found offenders" list and looks like it removed it. I already have 3 subscriptions and can't afford any more at $40 ea., but I didn't realize you had to manually update the free version. Thanks much, love the program. Tim
  6. Here are the first two requested log files Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. I"ve searched and tried several fixes/cleaners for this virus but nothing seems to work. In the past few hours, after running a couple of programs recommended like adware, Malwarebytes and others listed in how to get rid of this thing, it seems to finally not be running in the system tray, but the files are still there and cannot delete, uninstall or clean and they don't show up in a search. (Either windows search is useless or these files are protected some how) The Segurazo.exe files are running in system processes, but can't stop them.
  8. Yep, after hours of working on 3 computers, finally got it uninstalled in safe mode... took a long time of waiting. Couldn't download or use computer without getting rid of it first, but gotter done, what a nightmare. Should offer me another lifetime subscription... or at least a year free.
  9. I'm NOT a blubbering idiot, and I managed to fix 3 computers, but have one that took us an hour to uninstall Malwarebytes... I want to make sure we download a fixed version, thanks.
  10. Where can I download the fixed release of version 3? I do not want to install a messed up version, I've spent 6 hours on this and not going through it again. Please advise since Malwarebytes doesn't seem to be advising.
  11. Apparently it will not uninstall in Safe Mode either, not sure what to do now, just without my computer.
  12. Booted into safe mode on windows 7, trying to uninstall Malwarebytes, been waiting 5 minutes, nothing happening... please wait.
  13. This does not work, cannot update. Had to boot into Safe MOde to uninstall. I'll be afraid to go download the new file.
  14. It's already disabled... has been all day, that's not the issue. Trying to get rid of the program but can't uninstall it, using up all my RAM.
  15. Keeps using up all my RAM on windows 7, cannot uninstall... waiting, waiting, waiting... rebooted 3 times, still version 3.3.1. Web protection remains turned off.
  16. Have tried closing the program and it will not close. Tried rebooting and same issues. Will try to reboot again.... so do we need to uninstall or download the latest update? Couldn't connect to the servers from 3 computers a while agao.
  17. Where do we locate official news, like when this is fixed and how to we handle it? It's difficult to browse through and read all these posts and decipher. I uninstalled it on all my computers out of pure fear of what was happening... very strange behavior. I was already contacting Acer Support for my new Gaming Laptop... all RAM was being used, Internet disconnected, screen locked up, Firefox crashed.... dang.
  18. Turning off web protection is not a temporary fix, since it turned off by itself and am still experiencing all the problems mentioned..
  19. Having problems using and re-licensing my new download.. I've uninstalled, cleaned, reinstalled and still experiencing major issues with memory and other programs while running Malwarebytes Premium. Windows will not let me run farbar recovery too.
  20. Someone please advise as to how to roll back to a working version of Malwarebytes Premium from 3.3.1.
  21. Where do we roll back at? I've got to resolve this, my new gaming laptop is going nuts, can't use browser, memory is going nuts on both my computer, can't connect to License Server, already ran uninstall, clean, reinstall, can't activate! How do we roll back?
  22. I ran into this this morning, after rebooting twice it seems to be working fine with version Is this the correct version? Tanks
  23. I've browsed through these topics and cannot determine where I should ask my question. I have lifetime version of Malwarebytes Premium and it's been running everyday on my laptop with Windows 10 without issue.... to my knowledge. Strange behavior this morning using Chrome when a message popped up and said that Facebook Share Right Click button had been installed. Immediately uninstalled the Extension and checked my system tray for Malwarebytes icon and it was not there. Located it on my system and it would not run. Downloaded and installed it again and ran it and found nothing. Does this sound a little strange? Thanks
  24. Malwarebytes registered version (paid) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will not auto update. I have to do it manually every time I boot up. Is that normal, or is that a bug? Windows 8
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