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  1. I was watching Windows Task Manager while installing a Windows Update (Visual Studio service pack 1) and notice that a percentage of CPU was almost constantly being used by mbamservice.exe, sometimes up to 40%. Why does mbamservice need to run so much during a Windows Update?
  2. Well, I just re-installed the AT&T McAfee Security Center software on my other PC. During the installation a window popped up with the message that "incompatible software" was found: Malwarebytes Anti Malware. The McAfee installation actually offered to uninstall Malwarebytes for me! Is this simply a case of one company trying to prevent consumers from using another company's product?
  3. Similar problem here. There appears to be a serious conflict between Malwarebytes and the McAfee Security Center (the McAfee software came with my AT&T Internet service, and it is also called the "AT&T Security Suite"). I am using the Malwarebytes trial period, so it is actively running. Every time I boot my laptop it hangs for a long time, then the red Windows "shield" that indicates a security problem appears in the system tray, and then a Windows balloon pops up with a message that reads something like this: "Your computer might be at risk. McAfee Antivirus protection is turned o
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