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  1. Well done Marcin for dealing with this in a positive and sound commercial way
  2. Thanks. Will give that a try and let you know what happens. Vino
  3. Hi Marcin linky OP tried to update the database and got this error: An error occurred in function Load Database. When retrying, the OP reported: I tried again but I got the same result. The program is installed okay, but when I check for updates, it says there is no update available. Then it recommends me to download a new database. So when I download a new database (version 1.36 I think), it downloads up to three hundred something Kb and then gives the error messsage "An error occurred in function Load Database." The program shuts down after this point. If I try to open the program again, it
  4. Great! I look forward to trying the new version out
  5. Hi Marcin I have just had an OP use RR and got the following:
  6. Hi JeanInMontana The world is smaller than we think
  7. Hi kick It sunny with me... just pretty cold!
  8. Thanks All for your welcomes
  9. Vino Rosso


    Hi to everyone at Malwarebytes - I certainly recognise a few names Came over to read up about RogueRemover and realised I wasn't a member So here I am!
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