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  1. BTW, no joy with 2017/01/25 - All computers with this version of MBAM still suffer from this bug, including a brand new client computer that I unboxed and set up last week. As this constitutes a total clean install in every way, it really speaks to the pervasiveness and repeatable nature of this issue. Please fix this issue and the issue of one or more realtime protections occasionally being off at boot time soon! Until these items are fixed, IT and users cannot trust MBAM to always have them protected.
  2. Are you sure? Try this: Under "Scan Schedule" create a "Custom Scan", click "Customize Scan", make sure the bottom four checkboxes are checked including the last one ("Scan for Rootkits"), check one or more drives on the right, click "OK" on "Customize Scan", click "OK" on "Edit Scheduled Scan", then go right back in by clicking "Edit" and "Customize Scan" and you will most likely find that your drive selection(s) that you just made are missing. Furthermore, when this scheduled custom scan runs, it most likely will not create a "Scan Report" in "Reports" nor scan any files on the "selected"
  3. One or more of the protections often are switched off when a computer is booted and can get switched off if the computer is left idle for a long period of time. This seems to be an annoying "feature" of version 3.x including the latest 3.0.6. The only workaround I have found is to make sure the icon is always visible in the system tray (bottom-right), educate your users to vigilantly watch to make sure there are no triangles in that icon, to not do anything on the internet or e-mail while a triangle is present, to always click "Fix Now" on the placard when it comes up, then reboot if the tri
  4. Once you start using "Custom Scan", you will find the problem escalates: The checkbox for "Scan for Rootkits" will stay checked if you have the latest 3.0.6 clean installed, but the drive selections will not stay checked (Click "Edit", click "Customize Scan", check the desired drives, click "OK" on "Customize Scan", click "OK" on "Edit Scheduled Scan", then go right back into "Edit" and "Customize Scan" and you will find the drives that you had just checked are not checked). This is not just a visual bug, the custom scan will not actually scan the files, and usually will not place a scan rep
  5. Follow-up: If you do a complete clean removal including manually deleting the "C:\Program Files\MalwareBytes" directory structure after Clean runs, but before clicking its "Reboot" button, the malformed registry entry with the forward slashes gets fixed to a working one with back slashes, though still ugly in "shouting" upper case and missing the technically required surrounding double quotes (technically required because of the space in "Program Files"). The source of the malformed registry entry malady seems to be if Anti-Malware was upgraded from 2016/12/08 to 2016/1
  6. I have done that many many times on at least 10 different computers suffering from this critical malady, as well as the ultra-critical "forgetting the configuration" malady which is often followed by the "false notification of new version" malady which causes an infinite loop of reinstalling the same version of the software that almost immediately informs you that "there is a new version" again, and the ultra-critical "forgetting your license" malady that occasionally occurs. Technical details on Operating systems in use, Anti-Malware versions involved, and Clean versions used:
  7. The upgrade to Malwarebytes introduced a bug not present in 2.x, which I labelled "Custom scan". When you create a "Custom Scan" in "Settings" / "Scan Schedule", "Operation Type" = "Custom Scan", "Schedule Frequency" = "Weekly", "Recurrence" = "1 week", and click "Customize Scan", put checkmarks in "Scan Memory Objects", "Scan Startup and Registry Settings", "Scan within archives", and "Scan for Rootkits", then select one or more drives (e.g., put checkmarks on drive "C:" and "D:"), and click "OK" and "OK" to save the settings; the program promptly forgets the selected drives. You
  8. The upgrade to Malwarebytes introduced a bug not present in, which I labelled "Registry". When you turn on "Settings" / "Protection" / "Startup Options" / "Start Malwarebytes at Windows startup" it places an entry in the registry that is malformed: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Malwarebytes TrayApp C:\PROGRAM FILES/MALWAREBYTES/ANTI-MALWARE\mbamtray.exe Because of both the forward slashes instead of backslashes and the lack of enclosing double-quotes, this entry is bad and will not work. It should be: "C:\Program Fil
  9. Malwarebytes has many bugs at this time (Upgrade, Registry, Warning, Custom scan). This one I labelled "Upgrade" - the one of this forum topic, which manifests itself as an infinite loop of 1) claiming there is an update, 2) downloading the same "MB3-Setup-Consumer-" installation file every time, 3) installing the same version again, 4) usually wiping out all of your configuration settings and sometimes including your Premium Lifetime license information, 5) forcing you to reconfigure and set everything the way it should be, 6) only to return to step 1 the next time y
  10. If you select this setting, MalwareBytes will still ignore it from time to time. To get rid of the annoying popup (several times a day), 1) make sure "Check for program updates..." is checked, 2) go to "Advanced Settings" and turn off "Enable self-protection early start" and then turn off "Enable self-protection module", 3) go to "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" and delete "mbam-setup.exe" (what triggers the popups), 4) go back to "Advanced Settings" and turn back on "Enable self-protection module" and "Enable self-protection early start" if you wish those protections (
  11. Motherboard based Intel video (DG45ID) running Windows XP 32-Bit Pro SP3.
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