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  1. I personally prefer AVG but if you say that it is for old pc's... But still... okay....Avir!
  2. I'm sorry. I had to register my e-mail again at the support site, so I thought my account had been deleted. I'm as surprised as you are! Anyway, any progresses?
  3. Hi, I'm Paulo who told about the false positive. If you need aditional information, I'll gladly give it to you! I can also provide that log in english if you like!
  4. I can handle Portuguese from Portugal. From brazil is a little different, il'l do it after Portuguese from Portugal.
  5. So he's a bad guy afterwards. Can't he be banned from those sites? Why to they acept his reviews? Is he the site owner or something?
  6. I wonder what's good for that guy..maybe nothing.
  7. kick


    Hi there Vino :-))
  8. Hi there JeanInMontana. I can send you everything you want.
  9. Yes, I knew it wasn't the program. Maybe he's that strange guy, from the other topic. lol
  10. That's really strange. He mentioned the "error nuker"...i can't say anything, since i only had traces of "Registry fix". But why don't you try? Instal error nuker, and them use the program. However, i'm sure that is a false comment.
  11. I've decided to join this forum, since there were many interesting topics, and i downloaded the program. I'm 20 years old and I'm from Portugal. By the way, I'm trying to become a Beta tester.
  12. Oh My god! That "KayKaspersky" sure scared me. Well who is he anyway?? :s
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