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  1. Almost everyday malwarebytes needs to update is that normal???(when i try to scan there is always an update like i scan almost every day and there is an update every day) Is it normal to have updates everyday??why/?
  2. i mean like if i get those pop ups is it a virus or not or just a warning ? can it give me malicious stuff
  3. like, is this a virus or something????????????1/11/1/1
  4. like every 5-10 seconds it keep popping up when im refreshing server list etc
  5. like it blocks only from steam games when i join a server( i can still play) but it keeps on happening...
  6. When I play steam games it says malicious website blocked 58940 for arma 3 and other ips from cs go, type outbound. process c program 96 steamapps etc... why does this keep happening???, I definately dont have a virus because i formatted my computer and yeah...
  7. Thanks, I was Thanks i was worried that it was something abnormal, !!!!
  8. like it 100% DISk when i scan for malwarebytes when it done scanning it goes down to 0% iS THAT NORMAL??
  9. and also when I scan with AVG or malwarebye it go to 100% cputhen goes down, and down forever if i stop the scan
  10. When I Custom Scan or Full Scan with Malware bytes Anti-malware it makes my 100% DIsk, Like when i go to task manager it goes to 100% for Disk, but when i turn of AVG scan and malware scan it goes down. Why is that? Is this scannervirus?
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