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  1. Thanks for the help. I found CCcleaner was getting update errors all the time so I just upgraded that and turned off auto update. I mention this because this morning my machine was off (First time since the day this thread started which was first time in years.) and was the last entry in the windows log before my restart this morning. Thanks again for helping me keep this 12 year old Win 7 install running right. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. This has happened two nights in a row, Im using the newest Beta. At the same time, the scan appears to complete and it appears to be working other than the message you see here.
  3. I cleaned and did a reinstall. It did not prompt for a restart in the middle of the clean. mbst-clean-results.txt
  4. My PC BSODed running the gather logs first try... Second try worked fine and the logs are attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. This "native mess...." appeared after I close chrome, it happened more than once. I removed the chrome extension. Then over night 2 nights ago, the machine crashed and turned itself off but did not restart. (this has not happened in years.) This morning the message was "windows detected the program did not run correctly...." it was referring to malware scanner and it did not crash, but I manually ran MWB and it froze while I was creating this post. About a week ago, this pc started having an issue with the blue iris camera stream that comes from a pc in my basement. I thought it was setting for blue iris, but when I use a MS tablet with win 10, the camera stream is quick and snappy as usual, so I concluded it is this win 7 machine that has the issue. Within the last year the MWB tool fixed another issue with my sound and TV rendering on this pc...it was a great fix so I am hoping we can do it again.
  6. Before the fix was released, I used the clean app and it installed an old version that was not affected. I re-enabled the service on the wifes pc, and then then restarted MB and checked for updates. The ram climbed and climbed, but it updated and appears fixed to me. You can use the MB cleanup if your pc cant update fast enough (I think) but seems like things are ok. Funny side note I had a random scam call last night trying to extort $ saying bad code was on my PC, I asked my IP, they said a default one which was wrong, and then when I told them it was wrong an asked for my WAN IP, they hung up. This morning all my 3 pc are messed up and I am thinking "how much am I willing to pay the bass tards... so this problem was a huge relief...I thought I was ransomed
  7. I think I can help with this...Happy New Year. Just guessing that like most of the world, it has been a holiday that people have enjoyed with their family and friends. It is nationaly holiday and I hope the team is enjoying it like me.
  8. I forgot to add that I also found a FAQ entry someehere on this site. saying this error "ususally occurs if one doesn't restart after an install" or something like that. It seems to be sort of normal event, though for me a restart just caused the program not to load. There was a file listed in other threads to do a clean uninstall of Malwarebytes and uninstalling with that and reinstalling has worked for me.
  9. The cnet file was a known program - "games for windows live" that I had intentionally installed. I wasn't aware of that until after I posted. Still a coincedence.
  10. I found the clean uninstall exe in another thread. Uninstalled the program, rebooted and installed the version on majorgeeks. I noticed during install it did not seem to update to the same date the older version had, so I am guessing there is going to be some work done on the updates if indeed it was not a local problem with my machine. I will monitor the thread and post if any more incidents occur. But the "no news is good news" adage will apply for me. In case it is involved, a quick scan brought up a threat that wasn't there as recently as last week. it is : PUP.ADWARE.Downloader located at Users\user\Appdata\local\temp\icreinstall\cnet_gfwlivesetupmin_exe.exe
  11. Can't find an edit button, so.... After a restart, the program did not load.
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