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  1. I'm glad people actually offer suggestions to people having issues. I do! What I don't like is when software is released with what appears to be little real world testing that leads to system freezes, high RAM usage, Internet disconnections and the like. The paying customers become the company's testers which is unfair to those who paid for a working product. I just want my PC to work, something it's been doing well for several years.
  2. Thanks, sort of. 😉 Looks like I'll either have to put up with the pop-up or uninstall completely. There is nothing inside the MBAM Settings to "disable the option Malwarebytes to check for and download new program updates when checking for database updates. This option should be somewhere under settings." As for the Registry, the closest thing I found in the Registry was "notifyinstallprogram," and the value was 1. (I left it as is.) I had many issues with version 3. That's why I reverted to v. and found a way to disable the nag to upgrade. Judging from some of the posts in this support forum, it appears there are problems with v.4 that I'd rather not have to deal with.
  3. I'm using v. on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Each time I start my PC, I get the "new version is ready to be installed" popup. I can click "Later" and it goes away, but I'd like to completely disable it. I do not wish to upgrade to the new version. Is it possible to disable it? How? Thanks for your assistance.
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