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  1. Okay issue resolved.... Ran cleaner,re-booted,and ran new install.....All is good for now... Thank you...
  2. Looks like I cant make an attachment....basically what it says when I get so far in the install process is the wording..."Self Protection must be disabled under Advanced settings before proceeding with the installation----Setup cannot continue, please click cancel to exit.... Also I just noticed under my event viewer I have the following Error message------The ScRegSetValueExW call failed for Start with the following error.....Access is denied Have no idea what this is!!
  3. Presently on version 2.02.1012.Pro....Just got my notice that a new program version is available through GUI....Tried to install and got so far as attached .jpg... Followed instruction to disable self-protection under Advanced setting,exited, and re-booted....same message--- Also running MBAE....stopped it from running as well...still wouldn,t install.... DL,d new version from MWAM website,to see if that would make a difference...wouldn,t install.... Running OS XPsp3 Home... Need some assistance!!
  4. I had wondered if in fact there was a guide for the program,as I had done a fair bit of searching for one.....glad to see that there is one now available....DL it without any problems reading it....Thanks to Gonzo...
  5. A few hours ago I did a " clean install" of the new MBAE version on a XP SP3 O/S with Avast free AV....Have to say that all went well flawlessly.. Have added WinZip,Outlook Express,Hostsman,Media Player Classic,and Sumatra Pdf to my shields....and no hiccups (as of yet) and hope it stays that way My hats off to the developers for a job well done!!
  6. This is excellent news...better than I expected!!!....Thanks for that......Any news on when this new version will be coming out?
  7. Hi, Will PaleMoon browser be added to MBAE shield protections in the next release? Thanks
  8. Well it seems that I got my answer after posting in the MWAE forum.....apparently it is a known bug in xp,and will be fixed with the next release ... Looking forward to having them compatible with one another
  9. Well this is indeed very good news...(that it will be fixed very soon!).....Will definitely stay tuned for the new release!!! Thanks
  10. Here are the required diagnostic logs...I also posted in the MWAE forum as I dont know which program is causing this issue... CheckResults.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. I preface this by initially posting in the MWAM forums.....Link:https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=149929 The problem I am having is as can be seen is MWAE not loading or starting with MWAM,s self protection module enabled... So is this a MWAM problem or a MWAE problem????
  12. Well that certainly didn,t last long..After enabling and running all day everything was fine...UNTIL I shut down for the night and re-booted this AM.... MBAE would not start up....Re-booted again,and still no go...Ran test.exe to make sure...(not running) nor was it loaded in task mgr.... Disabled self protection again,rebooted,and MWAE is now working... Conclusion: MWAM has a BIG conflict with MWAE....
  13. Okay,thanks for the feedback...will enable it now and hopefully won,t run into any problems down the road with it this way...
  14. With all due respect the link you posted doesn,t really tell me a whole hell of a lot on answering my question....It says under "Improvements"...quote--- "Enabling or disabling self protection should now be more resposive under MOST circumstances" What I would like to know is if there is a RECOMMENDATION by the program authors/staff on whether it should be permanently enabled??
  15. Now that some time has gone by with a couple of new updates to the new version 2.0 program..(now have what is the definitive answer to whether the module in question should be enabled "permanently " now....I know at the beginning it was causing conflicts,and was recommended to disable to rectify things....but is it now STABLE to leave on without problems.....OS is Win xp sp3 Thanks
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