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  1. Thanks again for the fast reply! Fast Startup was on, so it is now turned off (not sure that's what you meant) As to why those items are turned off: I'm an amateur radio operator, and do a lot of digital communications. These comms use software that uses PC resources in huge quantities. My Intel I5 2400 and 16G RAM can just about keep up, but only if I keep competing resource use low. I'd taken to turning Malwarebytes off during my on-air sessions along with a host of MS bloatware, back when all I had was an AMD quad-core and 4G RAM! I'm retired, and a newer PC is out of the question
  2. Update: After about 33 minutes I was able to access the "X" in the upper-right of the main program and actually close the program. Problems not over, however, as now I am unable to restart it. Task Manager shows "Malwarebytes Service" running. Unable to End Task on this, but at least I have my computer back! Will wait to uninstall or make any other attempts until I hear back from you. Doc
  3. Only took a couple of days to show up again unfortunately. Here's a brief timeline of what's happening: 00:00 Started Update 00:01 Download complete. "Installing Update" began 00:04 While "Installing Update" was running, apparently a scan of some sort started. Scan has been running for over 30 minutes so far, and "Items Scanned" still stands at 0, as does the "Detections" count. The "Installing Update" notice is still running with the circle chasing its' tail, and cannot bypass it to exit the scan or the program. Took about 15 minutes to run the Support Tool, and the resul
  4. Uninstall and reinstall completed via the support tool with no problem. I apologize for creating the extra steps for you! It may take several days for the problem to show up - if it ever does - but will reply to this post if it does. Thanks for your help!! Doc
  5. Thanks for the fast reply Porthos! Support tool has run and the file is attached, but I should tell you that I uninstalled MB before I thought to try posting to the forum for assistance. Thanks Doc mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Paid user here. Lately Malwarebytes hangs up while installing updates. I have it set to allow me to update manually, which I do daily. About every 4th or 5th time, it downloads the update okay, but when it moves to "Installing Update" it never finishes. Eventually, I am forced to reboot the computer to get out of the endless loop. I have uninstalled and reinstalled using the latest downloads available from the website, but it continues to hang up at that point. Much of the time it updates as it should. This is on a Win 10 v. 1909 Dell i5 2400 quad-core with 16G RAM. Thanks for any he
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