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  1. I've read that too. It seems Chrome has mitigitations built-in.
  2. Thanks, BTW, I noticed that the counter doesn't decrement when MBAE closes an application when an exploit is found. (Tested with the exploit test.)
  3. Hello, is there any way to clear the number of exploits?
  4. -http://www.sandboxie.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=15965 this is the post I am talking about, sorry for going off-topic. Maybe users of both MBAE and Sandboxie could send an email to Invincea (new owners of Sandboxie to fix the issue.)
  5. Hello, after reading in the Sandboxie forums, what I posted is for EMET to work with Sandboxie. I haven't tested if it also would work with MBAE (I think it would still work with what I mentioned but a template, I think is needed to be added in Sandboxie). Sorry for the confusion (since I have been using EMET and MBAE and removed Sandboxie)
  6. Hello, there is already a a fix with this. You must configure your shortcut for the sandboxed browser to be launched by explorer.exe. If you are using Pro version of Sandboxie, just use the forced program feature. Another method is to run explorer.exe sandboxed, search for your browser and run it there.
  7. I only tested this in chrome. I don't know about other browsers. However, with WindowsMediaPlayer all is working fine.
  8. Hello, all ROP mitigation cause the conflict. I think (not sure) from what I've read about Deep Hooks, it is used as a countermeasure to exploits by passing ROP mitigation thus maybe it is used whenever a ROP mitigation is ticked?
  9. Hello, disabling only EAF mitigation with Deep Hooks and ROP mitigation enabled still crashes chrome. BTW, I am on Windows 8 x64
  10. Hello, using MBAE and EMET (with Deep Hooks and ROP Mitigation) crashes chrome browser. If I use MBAE and EMET (with Deep Hooks and all ROP Mitigation are disabled) - Chrome starts If I use MBAE and EMET (without Deep Hooks and all ROP Mitigation are enabled) - Chrome starts If I use MBAE disabled and EMET (with Deep Hooks and all ROP Mitigation are enabled) - Chrome starts
  11. Malwarebytes recently acquired Zerovulnerabilitylabs, so will it remain stand alone or be icorporated into the Malwarebytes flagship product?
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