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  1. My mobile malwarebytes scan keeps showing that is detected an infection called: android/trojan.lop.abc Is it a false alarm? How can I get rid of it??
  2. I downloaded a new version of the software and tried to install it,, it goes halfway through the installation process and then gives me an access denied error and stops installatiton... what do I do now? it seems to me that the previous version of the software wasn't fully removed.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. If by program face, you mean the actual MBAM program with the tabs, I can't get it to load at all so I can't access the Register tab you're referring to. By chance other have changed some file called rules.ref and been able to get their program to load. Would that be something I should try? And if yes, how do I find the rules.ref file on a vista computer. Thank you.
  4. Will using this method affect my license? I don't know where I placed my validation code now and don't want to risk it being lost in the re-install of the updated program. Thanks
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