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  1. Thank you @exile360 for your reply. It is appreciated because I can denote the underlying empathy. I do have a lifetime license. But I don't consider getting rid of a recurring problem a waste. And I already have three other on demand scanners. What I was interested in is having another real time detection! I also have a fast machine. Old and new components, but fast. An SSD will do wonders on Boot time and I also have a GTX 1060 6GB
  2. Then you must have missed the post where I said I had no intention of doing their job. Which means, as if it wasn't already obvious, that I won't waste my time with logs or system specs. All was fine before they decided to bring out a v3. v2 was a fine piece of software. Quite right. And I keep my machine in top shape. So when something bugs out I can generally pinpoint it quickly. Which is, again, pretty obvious when your PC bugs out just after an update. And to be honest this app was just sitting there eating resources for nothing. I not only practice safe web browsing but I am certainly not of the idiotic types that have to click on everything and get hacked, phished or enslaved in a botnet. And the only time I was hit by a drive by trojan it was my Eset product that saved my bacon. Not MB. So thank you Mr @Firefox for the reply but as stated above if you would've noticed my opinion about helping the Staff with their betas I wouldn't have to respond to this post of yours. Because I wasn't looking for an argument. I Just wanted to express my feelings to these people. Btw, I use to hang around a few semi tech forums and many stopped using v3 altogether. But just like MS you won't be listening. The big difference is that I can live without MB.
  3. I dont let anything update automatically on my PC. So yesterday I checked MB to see if there was any updates, and it did. But once installed the update prevented the gui to appear. So I uninstalled it and installed a freshly downloaded version from MB site. Everything seemed to be okay until I started my PC this morning. The old CPU hogging bug came back and the gui still wouldnt appear!! So after years of irritation over your unfinished v3 "BETA" product I am uninstalling it for good. I am sick and tired of being forced into beta testing. I dont have W10 for the exact same reason! Seriously though, I never had problems like that than now with your v3 crap! If your new pricing wont make you lose customers, your "constantly" bugged crap should do the trick. BTW, I've been through the other bugs without saying anything. So if anyone finds this post a bit harsh, well, too bad!!
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