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  1. Thank you @exile360 for your reply. It is appreciated because I can denote the underlying empathy. I do have a lifetime license. But I don't consider getting rid of a recurring problem a waste. And I already have three other on demand scanners. What I was interested in is having another real time detection! I also have a fast machine. Old and new components, but fast. An SSD will do wonders on Boot time and I also have a GTX 1060 6GB
  2. Then you must have missed the post where I said I had no intention of doing their job. Which means, as if it wasn't already obvious, that I won't waste my time with logs or system specs. All was fine before they decided to bring out a v3. v2 was a fine piece of software. Quite right. And I keep my machine in top shape. So when something bugs out I can generally pinpoint it quickly. Which is, again, pretty obvious when your PC bugs out just after an update. And to be honest this app was just sitting there eating resources for nothing. I not only practice safe web browsing bu
  3. I dont let anything update automatically on my PC. So yesterday I checked MB to see if there was any updates, and it did. But once installed the update prevented the gui to appear. So I uninstalled it and installed a freshly downloaded version from MB site. Everything seemed to be okay until I started my PC this morning. The old CPU hogging bug came back and the gui still wouldnt appear!! So after years of irritation over your unfinished v3 "BETA" product I am uninstalling it for good. I am sick and tired of being forced into beta testing. I dont have W10 for the exact same rea
  4. I noticed that the problem starts when I try to enable web protection. All is fine ATM as long as I leave the web protection alone.
  5. High CPU and Ram usage as well for me too. I uninstalled it. This problem started less than an hour ago. I also couldn't stop it via task manager. It just kept coming back!?
  6. I sometimes have this problem on startup using Win7 64 bit SP1. Since it seems just to be an annoyance, I went to the install folder and made a shortcut for the system tray icon.
  7. You seem to be implying that MB is the only worthwhile protection that is to be found. But that is your choice. I have been using Eset Smart Security longer than MB and it's ESS that protected from a drive-by even though I had MB installed some years ago before MB version 2 came out. In all fairness MB probably got better but I still wouldn't trade it for ESS. Unfortunately for me I experienced many of the reported problems with this new version. Hence the frustration.
  8. I started my PC this morning with the same problem. And just when I started to believe that you had finally hammered out those problems with your latest non Beta release.I re installed v.3 only eight days ago. Another waste of time. Back to v.2 then. And probably for good. Even if you stop supporting it. There actually was a time when I believed that using only my security suite was enough. And it probably is.
  9. Well,it seems like the database updating problem has been fixed. My sincere thanks for that. But unfortunately I won't be apologizing soon for my rant about not being able to scan without the software having to go thru a mandatory database update. Something to look into in future program updates mayhap? That's if you haven't beheaded anyone of course
  10. Whoever thought up the idea that the program has to be automatically updated before running a scan should be removed from the project or have his/her head removed from his/her shoulders! Whichever is quicker. This isn't the first time we had problems updating because you were rolling out a new program update. The difference this time is that I'm left with an inoperable program (v2.16) As I have already stated once before don't ask me to update to your newer version to "try" and solve "your" problems. And,once again, dont ask me to do any troubleshooting because I don't want and won't do your j
  11. I really dont know whats happening with you guys but I just cant figure out why I would start having problems with a piece of software that has been working reliably since I first installed it on my new computer in 2011. Everything was fine actually before you started pushing your new v2 update. Now, like so many others, there is no connection to the server. My problems started a while ago when I had to close the update window and start it again to have a database update. I have no infections and I havent done anything to my computer except change my graphics card. Dont ask me for logs
  12. Excuse me!?! For your information this is an advertisement: Bravo for releasing a Final with that despicable banner ad. Nice job. Kudos! Time to uninstall once again that piece of advertisement and bring back 1.75. Except that this time I'm not hoping for a fix and to be quite honest an option to remove it is simply not enough! I should have known and not have bothered with it again...
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