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  1. Log created...logfile.pml...but are more than 2 Gigas
  2. I still have the same two problems from the start. the analyzes begin but do not end. When they reach the section of analyzing the Windows registry, it suddenly jumps to analyze files at a large amount, it advances a little more and then stops. It is as if analyzing the registry ignores it and there it seems the error. And I keep the anti-malware protection disabled because if not the computer slows down
  3. Is detectec, ...full installer version 15.2.6 not is detectec Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Detalles del registro- Fecha del evento de protecci贸n: 17/11/19 Hora del evento de protecci贸n: 13:04 Archivo de registro: 62152d84-0932-11ea-95a2-08626604974a.json -Informaci贸n del software- Versi贸n: Versi贸n de los componentes: 1.0.718 Versi贸n del paquete de actualizaci贸n: 1.0.15040 Licencia: Premium -Informaci贸n del sistema- SO: Windows 10 (Build 18362.476) CPU: x64 Sistema de archivos: NTFS Usuario: System -Detalles del malware bloq
  4. when it arrives at the analysis of the registry, it jumps in a second to approximately 200,000 elements, advances something else and stops ... this is always done now
  5. updated to november update and everything remains the same
  6. If in the next few hours, I can update to November update, and check if there is any change ....
  7. well, on one occasion, as I had already put the report, he managed to finish doing an analysis correctly after an expensive update of the data package ... but never again
  8. Scanning still doesn't work and I have to have malware protection disabled for PC to work properly. on the other pc it still works perfectly and it's something I don't understand wait for a new version to see if the problems are solved, and if this is not the case over time I will have to stop using this program on this PC after many years using it, because on this pc I have more beards installed for several years
  9. Hello I'm still doing some tests. I've tried a new test and the same result. Most of the time he stays looking for updates, but in some, like this, he starts and goes as far as file analysis, but from that point, it takes less than a minute and suddenly it's as if he went through the previous steps without doing anything , suddenly from a few analyzed elements, I moved to 200,000 when it started with the file analysis, and soon after stopped. I hit the results of the analysis with version 3 and these failed attempts, in case it's any use Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.co
  10. One question, how can you edit an answer if necessary?
  11. Exactly the same .... From my experience and knowledge, I think the problem is mbam, and not my pc clearly ... now yes, it seems somewhat complex ... I have started again normally
  12. It has been updated to version 4 from the program itself. I have the protection of malwares deactivated at the moment. Perhaps the least important thing for now is not being able to perform complete analyzes, because yes my PC has no intentions I have enough knowledge to say so, but logically I would like it to work completely. So if you can think of anything else I would be grateful, in case you want to wait for a new version or an update of version 4 we could also wait.
  13. version 3 installed correctly. analysis work perfectly and the whole PC in general as always, without any problem
  14. The thing you're looking for updates, after several minutes, already let me search manually
  15. Hello In short, everything stays the same.. or worse. Install well, try to check for updates to go to the package 1.0.718...la download window was closed..... I gave him several times and he stayed in "installing". Restart the pc and at the end of the update. The premium version is automatically activated, although I don't think that should have happened, having used the cleaning tool. at least in the other reinstallations it didn't happen... Try to scan multiple times and nothing, it stops at scanning files or scanning memory, and never finishes. When you get to analyze files,
  16. Hi. I have bad news ... the analyzes do not end. After installation, try to update the package to the latest version. I needed several attempts because the download window closed again and again. In the end I restarted and it could be updated. But the analyzes were they stop in different phases. What I have left is to check with the active shields if it slows down, although for now it seems to work ... we'll see. how curiosity to install it again automatically activates the premium version ... try it well and tell you...
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