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  1. Just a quick hello I hang out at Bleeping Computer and I thought I'd see how the other half live It helps to keep up with all of the improvements
  2. I believe you are confusing Malwarebytes with anti-virus programs, Which it is not You still need a firewall and A-V There are several alternatives out there, many are free. I do not know the proper protocol for posting various links
  3. I'm new to this particular forum, so I don't want to step on any toes, but if you use Spybot's Teatimer function be sure to disable it while running malware tools
  4. To change the boot order, you must enter the BIOS. Reboot your computer and just after the initial screen, start tapping the Delete key (most of the time). Using your arrow keys, you can select the category Usually the first of second one on the left) you want and hit Enter. Make you changes, then Exit/Save changes
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