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  1. Much obliged for the follow-up info, Porthos. Malwarebytes v3.7.1 seems to be functioning o.k. at the moment since doing the reboot you suggested.🤞 Cheers! EE
  2. Evening Porthos and thanks for your reply, I followed all instructions as given. I copied and pasted both the ID and KEY codes in the proper boxes and re-checked them to ensure they match what is shown on the Cleverbridge receipt from June 2011, when I purchased the lifetime license, including the dashes and ensuring there were no blank spaces either. The problem continues. The "ACTIVATE" button remains greyed-out.
  3. Hello again, Well, after running the Malwarebytes Support tool the HelpBot said to do...I now find something apparently didn't go quite right, and it has removed the MBAM v2.2.1.1043 I have been using for years, and installed Malwarebytes 3.xX (TRIAL VERSION) now. WHY was my existing version removed? I cannot even ACTIVATE this new version with my existing lifetime license ID and KEY I have for version The [ACTIVATE] button remains grayed-out despite following all instructions as given! I would appreciate it if someone could explain the above and help me out here.
  4. Good evening everyone, I'm using MBAM v (Lifetime license); Win 7 Home Premium, x64. Problem Description: I open the MBAM user interface, click on [HISTORY] tab, then click on [APPLICATION LOGS]. I then clicked on quite a few of the PROTECTION LOGS (at random going back as far as February 1, 2019). The window which opens displays nothing but a blank white area for many of the logs, but not all of them. Some of the Protection Logs DO display properly though. ALL of the "SCAN" entries display their contents properly - no blank, white windows were noted. * NOTE: T
  5. Hi Dashke, My MBAM database has already updated. I did receive another advertisement email from Hanes this morning, but there was no blocking by MBAM on this one. Much obliged for the timely resolution! EE
  6. A brief update here for anyone interested. I just heard back from the IT Staff at Hanes(dot)com, who advise they are investigating the problem with the two compromised advertisement emails I received from them today. They requested I forward them the emails in question, which I did. If Malwarebytes Staff need the email address of the IT person who contacted me, let me know and I'll provide it. Best regards. EE
  7. Good afternoon, Just my 3-cents worth for anyone interested... MBAM is also blocking an outgoing connection to: img.ed4.net, when I opened an advertisement email this morning from Hanes(dot)com - a trusted website from which I've ordered items before, and routinely receive advertisements. HpHosts flags it for phishing. The ports shown in the MBAM detection entries are: 52869 & 52462. In the email's source code, I also see: img.ed10.net. VirusTotal shows it as clean, however. [UPDATE, 4/26/17 @ 3:40 p.m. US EST]: Just received another advertisement
  8. Exile360 is correct, as shown in the attached screenshot. Cheers! EE
  9. My thanks to everyone who replied to my inquiry! I was able to download and install the MBAM v2xx again. Thus far, MBAM seems to be working o.k. Cheers! EE
  10. Good evening, I wasn't sure just where to post this inquiry, so please accept my apologies if it is in the wrong sub-forum. Description of issue: My old computer died on me and now I'm trying to set-up this refurbished Win 7 computer, a friend gave me. I have a lifetime license for MBAM, but have no idea how to reinstall the version 2xx that was on the dead computer - on to this new one. (I do have the ID and Key for the license on hand). My question: Could someone please tell me how to re-install MBAM on this new computer, or direct me to where I can find instructi
  11. Hi dcollins, and thanks very much for your follow-up reply to my inquiry! For the moment, I'm inclined to hold-off on installing v3 manually, and just continue monitoring things here for a while longer. Cheers! EE
  12. Good evening everyone, I've spent considerable time searching through the forums here trying to find sufficient info to help me better understand the new MBAM v3. but not having much luck...or perhaps I'm just not looking in the right place(s). (I have a lifetime license, & am using MBAM v The questions I have are: 1. Will this new MBAM v3 automatically install itself, at some point, or do I need to manually install it? (If manually, could someone please explain how, or direct me to a download link to install v3 over top of my present version)? [In my curre
  13. Welcome to the MBAM Forums, erimeix! The file in question (and MBAM's detection of it as a Trojan Agent), was a false positive, as Moderator thisisu mentioned in his posts above. Updating your MBAM database to v2016.10.21.02 will resolve the issue. I updated my database to the aforementioned version last night, then restored the "RAIDtest" file from Quarantine to its original location. I ran another "Threat Scan" and MBAM no longer detects it as a trojan. If you still encounter problems after following thisisu's instructions, please post back, describing the issue(s) you'
  14. Good evening, During a daily scheduled Threat Scan today, MBAM detected the following file as a Trojan Agent: C:\ProgramData\TEMP\RAIDTest. I have attached the zipped file and the MBAM scan report as per instructions for reporting a possible FP. (NOTE: For what it's worth...a few members at the Wilders Security Forums are also reporting this same event). * I have also scanned the aforementioned file with SAS, my ESET Smart Security program, and uploaded the file to VirusTotal. No issues were reported. Thank you for your time, review, and info regarding any action I
  15. Hi once again DD1, Thanks again for the additional information! I had actually done everything as outlined in your post, given the fact I purchased the lifetime license back in 2011. I used the ID/Activation code from the Cleverbridge receipt I'd saved. I have managed to get MBAM activated again. From what I could tell...doing a copy/paste of the ID/Activation codes into their respective fields apparently does not work correctly. For some reason, the codes had a couple of distorted characters, as well as, a space where one should not have been. So, I just wrote down the cod
  16. DD1, Since I've managed to royally screw things up and now have no MBAM protection...I've submitted an email support request to the Help Desk as you said do, and attached a copy of the Cleverbridge receipt from 2011 which shows the ID/Activation code they sent. Since they won't even be open for business until 9 a.m. (my time) on Monday...I'll just have to hope that I don't end up getting hit with some malware infection in the interim. EE
  17. DD1, Just as I feared...I followed all the steps for the clean-removal/re-installation process. When I enter the ID and Activation codes from the Cleverbridge receipt (back in 2011 when I purchased the lifetime license) - MBAM keeps telling me to enter a valid ID and Activation code! So...what am I to do now??? Thanks.
  18. Thanks for the follow-up, DD1, I made the changes you indicated in your post regarding the scans, updating, etc. Something is definitely causing this sudden problem. I don't recall ever clicking on the [DELETE ALL] button in the Applications Log. As for my ESET Smart Security program possibly causing this problem...I'm doubtful. I've been using ESET since February and there are exclusions in it for MBAM, just as I have one exclusion for ESET in MBAM. ESET is the only new program I've installed since February of this year, so like you...I'm out of ideas. I'm reluctant to
  19. Hi DD1, Forgot to mention I had added the FRST log to the post with the other logs. (For some reason, I was initially unable to upload that particular log, but finally managed to add it to the others - - after you had already read my post). I've attached it again here for your review. Also, I've removed the Firefox exclusion you mentioned - - not sure how I managed to put it there in the first place. EE FRST.txt
  20. Hi again DD1, I checked CCleaner - MBAM is UNCHECKED. I've attached two screenshots of my logging settings. Like yours, mine is set to "Use existing settings", and also like yours, there is no path shown in the box. Thanks again! EE
  21. Hi DD1 and much obliged for your reply! To answer your questions: 1. Yes, I'm using MBAM v 2. Yes, I do use Ccleaner v 519 (SLIM version only) - have not updated to the new version yet. Also, I NEVER use the "Registry cleaning" function in the program. 3. My logging settings look exactly the same as yours. I've attached the 3 logs you requested below. Hope this helps. EE Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  22. Good morning everyone, Been a while since I last posted...so here goes. (I'd searched the forums here, prior to creating this topic, to see if there was already a solution to this issue, but was unable to find anything). [Description of problem] Both yesterday and again today (July 24th), when I open MBAM > HISTORY > Application Logs, the log is blank. This issue is seen when first powering-on the computer, and will remain so throughout the day. (MBAM is set to start when Windows does). This is an issue I've never experienced with MBAM before. (Screenshot attache
  23. Thanks for your reply, Pollux. The issue I originally reported with Secunia PSI has not been a problem for over a year now. I had simply gone back to using PSI v2 and everything has continued to function normally since that time. Regards, EE
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