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  1. Much obliged for the follow-up info, Porthos. Malwarebytes v3.7.1 seems to be functioning o.k. at the moment since doing the reboot you suggested.🤞 Cheers! EE
  2. Evening Porthos and thanks for your reply, I followed all instructions as given. I copied and pasted both the ID and KEY codes in the proper boxes and re-checked them to ensure they match what is shown on the Cleverbridge receipt from June 2011, when I purchased the lifetime license, including the dashes and ensuring there were no blank spaces either. The problem continues. The "ACTIVATE" button remains greyed-out.
  3. Hello again, Well, after running the Malwarebytes Support tool the HelpBot said to do...I now find something apparently didn't go quite right, and it has removed the MBAM v2.2.1.1043 I have been using for years, and installed Malwarebytes 3.xX (TRIAL VERSION) now. WHY was my existing version removed? I cannot even ACTIVATE this new version with my existing lifetime license ID and KEY I have for version The [ACTIVATE] button remains grayed-out despite following all instructions as given! I would appreciate it if someone could explain the above and help me out here. There was no warning whatsoever that running the Malwarebytes Support tool would remove my existing version. Thank you for your attention in this matter. EE
  4. Good evening everyone, I'm using MBAM v (Lifetime license); Win 7 Home Premium, x64. Problem Description: I open the MBAM user interface, click on [HISTORY] tab, then click on [APPLICATION LOGS]. I then clicked on quite a few of the PROTECTION LOGS (at random going back as far as February 1, 2019). The window which opens displays nothing but a blank white area for many of the logs, but not all of them. Some of the Protection Logs DO display properly though. ALL of the "SCAN" entries display their contents properly - no blank, white windows were noted. * NOTE: The logs for all days ARE listed at: C: ProgramData > Malwarebytes > Malwarebytes Antimalware > Logs. Remediation measures tried thus far: Quick scan with MBAM - nothing found. Quick scan with MSE - nothing found. Quick scan with SAS - no issues. Ran CCleaner. Restarted computer - no change. I ran both the FRST and the MBAM-Check tool, & have attached the logs to this post. Thank you for your time, review, and any help in determining why some of the Protection Logs are not being displayed as they should, while others ARE shown correctly. .Eagleeye CheckResults.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Good evening, I wanted to inquire if there are ANY reputable sites where a person can find pc games for download (paid or free)? To clarify...by reputable...I mean sites which are generally considered to not have a major problem with malware issues, such as,viruses, trojans, and other "nasties" accompanying their game downloads. It seems many of the game sites I check via the hosts-file.net site are flagged as being well-known for being malware-infested. Thank you for your time and any suggestions!
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