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  1. The Joomla downloads Full package (https://downloads.joomla.org/cms/joomla3/3-9-16/Joomla_3-9-16-Stable-Full_Package.zip?format=zip) which is available via http://s3-us-west-2.amaxonaws.com is getting flagged as suspicious content when being downloaded on Firefox 74 with the Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension installed. If downloaded using Firefox 74 with Malwarebytes Premium v 4.0.4 installed in the PC it operates correctly. False Positive with the Browser Guard extension.
  2. I am receiving this which I believe will be a false positive: -Website Data- Category: Trojan Domain: www1.steganos.com IP Address: Port: [50684] Type: Outbound File: C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe
  3. If it is unblocked then I am still seeing alerts. protection-log-2012-02-24.txt
  4. It is found at C/ProgramData/Malwarebytes/Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware/rules.ref It is better to rename it rather than deleting it so at least you can restore it later if required. Rename > Start Malwarebyte > Take Yes to download new database. I upgraded as advised to 1.60 and it retained all the program registration details okay.
  5. Michael please forgive my irony. I was indicating approval of such good service free of charge which you will agree is "a very modest fee"!
  6. Many thanks. I managed to get the programme to run by reanming the rules.ref file and downloading a clean version of the database. I will upgrade immediately. Great service...well worth the modest subscription!
  7. After 3 years of completely trouble free motoring with M/warebytes I get this error at start-up today and the programmme doesn't load. Program_Error_Load_Database (0,13,CreateSDK) Any advice?
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