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  1. Don't know...MBAM never did confirm
  2. YoKenny1, I manually cleaned out my temp folder. exile360, Thank you for getting involved. I will run the error check this weekend! However, please know that MBAM only crashed briefly, & I agree, that the dump files were seem to be the reason that Avast detected something. I tried updating MBAM a couple of hours later the evening that it crashed & it was fine, & still is. My thought was to do as you suggested & remove & re-install but since it is working again, I have not. My thought was that perhaps MBAM knew of some internal issues with the update that were causing the non-responsive program, as I believe the program was responsive at the scan level, just not while updating. I was looking for this confirmation...if possible. My other concern lies with the type/name that Avast gave the so called infection as that is in fact a legitimate bug. I was wondering if MBAM somehow became infected itself or if the name that Avast gave the infection was simply an FP an as a result of the dump. Any more thoughts would be welcomed & appreciated! Thanks!
  3. XP Home SP3 1 GB RAM Not sure how this will help, but knock yourself out Thanks!
  4. PS- Here's what Avast had to say, which makes sense but I would love it if MBAM could confirm that there were problems last night w/ the program & how it updates...
  5. Using version 4.8 Home (free) w/ most recent updates So, you would not be concerned, even w/ the report of "MSIL:Crypt-N"? Like I said, there was a problem w/ MBAM being non-responsive & not updating immediately prior to the Avast scan. This behavior prompted the scan & I have NEVER had Avast detect anything from MBAM before...
  6. The more I read up on "MSIL:Crypt-N" the more concerned I am with how this pertains to MBAM. I can't help but wonder if MBAM somehow was corrupted considering the program crash & Avast detection of ONLY the MBAM files. Hmmm... Any more thoughts MBAM experts/staff?
  7. PS- Also curious that Avast called the infection "MSIL:Crypt-N" I wonder if there really was some other issue w/ MBAM ....
  8. gtyhfy, Thanks...MBAM forum was hanging...& hanging....very slow load or wouldn't load at all, hence my starting & stopping the thread post. I have certainly approved all such MBAM programs with my firewall & I have never had any issie w/ Avast detecting anything from MBAM..until today that is... I figured it had to do with the MBAM program not updating properly & not responding & for some reason Avast detected the dump files as an infection. MBAM IS once again running & updating properly. I would like to know why it was non-responsive & failed to update though. This also has never happened to me...
  9. Hi, Avast picked up the following tonight, despite the fact that I am extremely careful....I am very selective opening email attachments & downloading anything online. I use my Ubuntu machine for much of that. I run a hard & soft firewall, Avast, MBAM & SAS...so, considering my protection & safe internet practice, I am hoping these are FP's. \temp\WER44a0.dir00\mbam.exe.hdmp \temp\WER9a2c.dir00\mbam.exe.hdmp \temp\WERd8b8.dir00\mbam.exe.hdmp Infection= MSIL:Crypt-N Avast detected these shortly after I tried updating MBAB & the program was not responsive... I have yet to try to go back into MBAM... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. Hi, Just scanned & picked up "Trojan.Chifrax" infections in the following areas: Registry Keys Infected: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\setup.exe (Trojan.Chifrax) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. Files Infected: C:\Documents and Settings\Alan\Local Settings\Temp\setup.exe (Trojan.Chifrax) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. I am heavily protected, very careful where I go online & do not download info from untrusted sources. So, I am inclined to think that this may be an FP but I see no other reports of such. I scanned with Avast late last night & was clean yet this morning MBAM picked up the Trojan.Chifrax. There was a Windows update overnight that automatically installed & restarted my pc. I would appreciate any input. Thanks!
  11. Well...full scan clean too. All seems to be well. Thanks everyone for the prompt replies!! But just to be sure....can anyone answer this...?
  12. TeMerc, Well, I updated, restored & ran a quick scan & .... no detections! I am now running a full scan just for kicks. All of the 210 infected objects were FP's? Would you mind explaining to me what the cause was? Thanks!! Alan
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