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  1. There are 3 servers which img.batoto.net points to: All three of these entries are real separate servers set to distribute load. The DNS servers for img.batoto.net is hosted by amazon cloud services, whom are: ns-69.awsdns-08.com ns-790.awsdns-34.net [] ns-1263.awsdns-29.org ns-2030.awsdns-61.co.uk [] I can't say why David H. Lipman's nslookup resulted in other entries. I'm also curious as to why Is not a false positive. That server only has nginx as a service and is a content distribution node for
  2. Hello, I came into ownership of this server 2 months ago, and I'm getting reports from my users that malwarebytes is blocking this server. This server is purely an image distribution node and operates no other function.
  3. Is there no edit button here??? Uh, report on our side can be seen here:
  4. Hello, me again. We changed our address from .com to .net some time ago for our image network (.com still works too) and we got number of more servers and I just got another report from a user that malware bytes is blocking one of our image servers. Unfortunately, I'm not certain which of the server he's connection to... but the list of our IP for the address is: (seems to have been resolved last time) with the address img.batoto.net
  5. Hello, The IP address or alternatively img.batoto.com is an image CDN for the site Batoto. However, we've got a message from a user that Malwarebytes is blocking it. It's been a few months since we got this server, not sure why it's blocked. We would appreciate the unblock. Regards
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