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  1. My instinct tells me that the only "risk" that many (most? all?) of these 'catches' pose is that their content contains something, however small, that conflicts with the Internet rulers' ever-alert agenda enforcers.
  2. I have had multiple "tickets" with the Support person -- they change with each email. I have 2 computers: my new laptop, which is being protected by ? Subscription Key, and my old laptop, which I'm typing on, and which was renewed in November and was to be expiring in November 2021. When I open the M icon on this old laptop's taskbar, I receive a welcome screen instead of a Scan screen. When I "Sign In", I receive a window that says "This license key has been refunded." I do not believe that this laptop is protected by Malwarebytes at this time, although its subscription was renewed in November. Yesterday I sent an email to the Support person, telling her that my subscriptions were messed up. She did not respond. I don't even want her to; she's done enough. Obviously I should not have asked if my new laptop could be protected for the remainder of my no-longer-in-use desktop, which had been renewed also in November. I don't know what the procedure is for computers that die during their subscription terms, or if there is a procedure, or if Malwarebytes cares if it's protecting a computer that is no longer on the premises.
  3. I have used Malwarebytes for many years. Several years ago Malwarebytes helped me recover from a severe Trojan attack. In November 2020 my two Premium subscriptions were automatically renewed, one for my desktop and one for my laptop. In March 2021 my desktop died a natural death. Two weeks later, I bought a new laptop to replace the desktop. I asked a Malwarebytes Support person if I could transfer the dead desktop computer subscription to my new laptop. Apparently I could, since 7 or 8 email exchanges took place. While the Support email exchanges were taking place, I was getting messages that my "Trial" was ending in 2 days on my new laptop; anxiously I twice bought new Premium subscriptiona for the new laptop, one of which she refunded.. It looked like she had gotten the two original November subscriptions covering my two computers (1 old laptop, 1 new laptop),.but then her last email changed the subscriptions. At this time there are 3 Premium subscriptions in my account. #1 is my November renewed old laptop subscription.with a new renewal date of July 6, 2022 (?). #2 is my November renewed dead desktop subscription which is now set to expire in 1 day (April 20, 2021). #3 is my new laptop brand new Premium subscription with a renewal date of April 7, 2022. I guess this means the answer to my original question was "No, you cannot use time remaining on one subscription to protect a replacement computer." Fine; Malwarebytes is worth it. I have not received any of the usual first of the day scan notifications, and when I click on the icon on my task bar, it no longer takes me to a Scan screen. It takes me to a Welcome page. I'm sure there must have been an easier and faster way to get this task accomplished. This has been in the air for a month. I'm not sure if both my laptops are being protected. Maybe I'll find out tomorrow when one of my November renewed subscriptions expires.
  4. I have no idea what the above automated response means. Does it mean my query is not suitable for posting here? Not related to malware? Can anyone suggest what my problem is or where I might get help?
  5. For the past about 3 weeks I've been being annoyed by a problem the origin and source of which is unknown to me. I've been watching the old Fugitive series on YouTube. Somewhere around Season 3, this started happening: One minute before the end of the video, during the Epilog, the video disappears and a large yellow box appears in the middle of the screen containing the large word "NABITO." Outside the box is the word "Downloading . . ." I believe that what it's "downloading" is a lot of video images. I've tried to find out from YouTube and from Nabito how to stop this, but I've received no reply. Does it have anything to do with Malware? If so, can it be stopped?
  6. No, I own a mini-iPad and a cell phone.
  7. Something is very wrong with my Users folder. I have been away for a time, and on returning, my Users Folder now contains this: Users / Myname / .android has spawned new folders with today's date. All of the Users/.android/AppData folders and Users/.android/Roaming folders that were there this morning are gone. .android contains AppData folder and two files: adbkey and adbkey.pub - all three have today's date. AppData contains Local (which contains Microsoft which contains Window which contains Temporary internet Files) and . Roaming which contains only Dropbox. adbkey and adbkey.pub are apparently a Windows Trojan. You probably have your own sources, but I got that suggestion by way of a Search on adbkey.
  8. This morning I discovered two folders that I needed were missing from the Users folder. Eventually I located them in a new Users folder called ".android." Can I simply move the AppDat folder up to Users/Marge and delete .android?
  9. Everything appears to be working fine. My desktop background was the first change that happened when the attack began and it remains changed -- easily fixed. When I open WordPerfect, it wants me to register, install a hotfix, and sign up for some stock photo stuff--these are new to me. Neither of these is important, unless they signal lingering infection. Can you offer an opinion as to whether it's safe to copy back the folders and files I moved to a flash drive?
  10. I see a folder C:\$Windows~bt that is 6.38 GB in size and is checked "hidden." It seems unusually large. I did a scan with Malwarebytes. I installed the free version. I didn't notice what it said when I started the scan, but now it says 14-day Trial version.
  11. I'm not sure if we're finished. Please tell me if there is anything else I'm supposed to test or run or clean up. I've decided that, even though Malwarebytes Premium isn't working on my desktop, I'm going to install a premium version on this laptop. i'll try to get them working right.
  12. Sorry - I thought only the links would show.
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