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  1. Working fine, no more problems. No unusual resource usage (monitored with Process Explorer). FRST logs attached. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. I take it back, there was something new, "D:\Downloads\firefox-patch.js" and "D:\Downloads\firefox-update.js" . Fake Firefox updates, as described here - https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/i-found-fake-firefox-update Can't believe I bit on that, but it appeared to be coming through the browser update UI - I'd get a legitimate update prompt, click on it a popup appeared as shown in the link. Downloaded from it, it didn't seem to do anything. The popup closed then, and I could get the real update. This was in Nightly test builds, after the update to v. 57. I thought they might be testing
  3. Started the ESET scanner per instructions and went to bed - I left the external HDD with the backups connected, so it was sure to take a while. When I got up I saw there were detections, but nothing new, nothing active - outdated downloads and backups. Need to do some housecleaning, clearly. Anyway, here's the log: ESETSmartInstaller@High as downloader log: all ok # product=EOS # version=8 # OnlineScannerApp.exe= # EOSSerial=b9b386e02710464bb00eae0153e0de44 # end=init # utc_time=2017-08-21 10:18:12 # local_time=2017-08-21 03:18:12 (-0800, Pacific Daylight Time) #
  4. Thank you for your response (that was fast!). I always back up my data, backups are on an external HD. The system partition is imaged by Macrium Reflect, I can boot into a Win PE and go back up to 6 months. In case that fails, user files are backed up by 2 other programs. Fresh scan log: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 8/19/17 Scan Time: 11:04 PM Log File: Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.160 Update Package Version: 1.0.2622 License: Free -System Information- OS: Wi
  5. Malwarebytes Free wouldn't open when I was trying to run routine scans in Win 10 a few days ago, just the tray app would. Came here for help, but download link for FRST crashed any browser I tried. Link from MajorGeeks did the same, attempt to visit BleepingComputer also caused crash. Downloaded FRST with laptop, but it crashed on opening. Convinced there was an infection, tried ESET online scan, found nothing. Booted into safe mode and ran Malwarebytes, found and quarantined fileless malware in the registry (log attached). Everything works now, and I've deleted restore points and recent
  6. Turned out not to be anything to do with MBAM; it was the Avast problem discussed here: http://forum.avast.c...p?topic=94171.0 It occurred randomly, just coincidence that the first time was after updating MBAM. It kept getting worse/more frequent, and I couldn't figure it out. Got so bad I restored a disk image from months earlier, which fixed it - until I updated Avast. That pinned it down. I've switched to Avira, and everything's fine now.
  7. OK, here they are:OTL.TxtExtras.Txt Thanks for the nice welcome, though I joined this forum in '05. Hope you can get to the bottom of this.
  8. I reinstalled MBAM, and it's now ok, but I thought I should report this issue anyway - this was seriously messed up. The update seemed to be going normally until I clicked restart, after the restart nothing but my wallpaper appeared - no icons, taskbar, or start button. Ctrl+Alt+Del brought up the Task Manager, but shutdown didn't work. Nothing worked, had to punch the power button. Restarted, still the same; restarted again and logged in as a different user, no difference. Booted into Safe Mode, everything was normal; rebooted again to normal mode, still broken. Back to Safe Mode, ran System
  9. I also though it was pretty self-evident - except for the 9 at the beginning. Glad to hear that's just a temporary expedient. Looking forward to v. 1.60.
  10. I should have pointed out, you need to restore EAL.EXE from quarantine - I suspect it's needed in order to use your printer.
  11. @nosirrah - Confirm fixed. You're welcome, Bruce; happy to help. @control_tps - The last log you posted showed the file had been quarantined and deleted. Hard to make a zipped copy after it's deleted! Uncheck the file the results window so you don't accidentally do that. To get a detected file, all I do is right-click on the detected item in the results and select "Go to location" (I think that's the wording). I make a zipped copy with 7-zip (use whatever you've got) and move the .zip file to My Documents, where I can find it quicker. Then I attach it to my post here.
  12. I have the same FP. File attached:EAL.zip
  13. Fast scan detected C:\Windows\WinIo.sys as Rootkit.agent. File properties show no modification since it was created 5 years ago. Submitted to VirusTotal, no detections. Developer mode scan log attached:mbam_log_2009_10_24__02_32_57_.txt
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