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  1. The issue was resolved after the update. Thanks for the prompt response.
  2. It doesn't appear as a threat, after a full scan, since the update. I'm still curious why an att file was labeled with trojan.bank.
  3. It seems like everyone is up in the air about the issue being a 4/2 definition update and possibly an ATT compromise... I've uninstalled my banking apps for security purposes and will wait for a update that can address this. Harrison
  4. I'm glad yo hear you took that measure to try and fix the issue. I have alot of finance apps on my device and a good credit score to target. Do you think you picked it up installing a bad app? Or do you think the legitimate banking apps were the ones that caused it?
  5. On the same note - How can i "clear" or reset my system apps so it is no longer corrupt?
  6. I took it off the whitelist (even tough it's a system app) I don't want a corrupt file to have full access.
  7. I disabled it in settings, but I don't know what else I can do to clean this up. If I attempt to 'remove it it says 'cannot remove a system file and tells me to whitelist it. Thanks, Harrison
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