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  1. While MBAM team is evaluating/developing my suggestions above , I am using this workaround to have the MBAM processes run with Low-Priority , if somebody is interested about : -- drop any MBAM internal schedule you may have -- create a Schedule Task , or Shortcut , or Script , or an entry in your launcher -- choose from the list below the proper process entry , to be copied as the application path to run . C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c start "MBAM (priority=6) Update -silent" /belownormal "C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbam.exe" /update -silent C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c s
  2. Hello , these are my suggestions not acknowledged yet (compiled here as directed by Marcin) 1- Updates and Scans with -silent should automatically run with "Priority Bellow Normal = 6" (I have tested this value) to not disrupt other computer tasks on slow-CPU machines , or there should exist a "-lowpriority" command line parameter . 2- Logs presenting any detection or blocking could have the filenames with a literal appended after the time-stamp , to facilitate the analysis and list cleaning , e.g. mbam-log-2010-11-14 (07-26-38) DETECTION.txt protection-log-2010-11-15 DETECTION.txt 3- The two
  3. I use to run update , scan flash and scan quick with the -silent parameter in the command line . What happens is that in slow CPU s like mine (~1.5 MHz) these operations interfere in all other running tasks , as mbam.exe runs with Priority Normal = 8 . The MBAM "background mode" however could run with lower priority . I have tested running with Priority Bellow Normal = 6 , and everything goes fine (no interference in other tasks) . So my proposal : when -silent is used , then mbam.exe would automatically run with Priority = 6 , or there would be a new command line parameter for this purpose .
  4. Thanks for replying . I suggest you just add these parameters after the mbam.exe in the entry you prefer to execute the program : you may have a shortcut in the Desktop Area , or you may create a Scheduled Task , or you may use some particular launcher .I tell you the way I use it , and you may adapt for your needs : 1- I have two shortcuts in the Desktop Area (one for Update , other for QuickScan) , to manually run immediately . For these shortcuts I have assigned Shortcut-keys : e.g. Ctlr+Shift+U for the Update , and Ctlr+Shift+Q for the QuickScan , to make easier to start them , even if I a
  5. whatmeworry : you may get the desired behavior with the command line parameters : /runupdate /minimized and /quickscanterminate /minimized
  6. Thanks for replying . All the reported updates were manual . Before posting here I did re-test , previously closing Internet appls , wiping temps/caches/cookies/... Something to confirm and other to correct : -- Only when Avira update is started : in fact that IP shows blocked by MBAM several times . -- But , being MBAM-IP enabled or not , the Avira update process performs to completion . What happens is that these recent Avira updates are taking too long (it confused me), e.g. for these tests , just to verify the application is up to date it took from 4 to 14 min . I see there is more to inve
  7. After started , Avira update freezes "Scanning for updates" until is aborted , while some MBAM IP Protection popups show up : " infection detected" , and the Log lines say "IP-BLOCK" . If the MBAM IP Protection is disabled , then the Avira update runs well . This IP is identified by CoolWhois as parkinglot.information.com Version info : XP Pro SP2
  8. To noknojon - Thanks for your interest . As I said Avira blocked the file , asked me for an action , and I chose to delete it . Details : I get all my emails via POP Peeper 3.5 , which I use to run with Message Viewing = Rich Text (i.e. links are showed , but no HTML is executed without consent , so my computer is hardly going to be infected by any email content) . Clicking the link (which I carelessly understood from the text as an article) , the download was in fact done by my default browser (Firefox 3.5.2) to a temp area , then Firefox presented the usual popup asking if the file should be
  9. Not sure if this is normal , so understand this post as an alert to the Mod . I use to track this Suggestion Forum , and got an email about a new topic : the email body (and the topic , of course) contains a link that downloads LnKnZOte.rar.part , blocked by Avira ( as a TR/Dropper.Gen(Trojan) . This is the copy of the email , DO NOT ACTIVATE THE LINK (HTTP://....=6166) BELOW : ----- Original Message ----- From: "Malwarebytes Forum" <no-reply@malwarebytes.org> Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 12:21:47 +0000 Subject: Forum Subscription New Topic Notification (
  10. I may be missing something , but you could just ask CCleaner to empty that MBAM Logs folder (or clear specific files inside it) : click (CCleaner) Options > Include > Add Folder > select the MBAM Logs folder in the list > optionally change the filename-mask-box from *.* to e.g. log*.txt > OK .
  11. (I got an email notification about fredvries topic asking for RR improvements suggestions , but I can not find it here inside the Forums) Suggestion : RR to have a Silent run mode , possibly started as a command line parameter . Justification : for RR-free , or RR-pro (for users that do not have the Monitor active) , this would be a practical way to periodically scan the computer (via scheduled tasks) . Detail : -- the Silent run would check for updates (*) , and then perform a rogue-scan , plus a cookies verification (RR-pro). -- If neither updates found , nor rogues , nor cookies , then it
  12. To have options to Bleach (e.g. DOD | NSA) , and to Wash the File Slack Space , available for the immediate Delete option , would make FA a general use tool (specially now with the Delete-only option) , replacing one or more "elephant" programs .
  13. When it starts , RR-free 1.18 does not check for an existing active instance (as occurs for RR-pro) .
  14. + 1 , deleting Folders (and sub-folders) would be great .
  15. Hi Marcin --when program starts the Delete box comes correctly UNmarked , however after a deletion process , it keeps marked (it should reset to UNmarked) . I tested the three new versions , it is correct now . ----------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not sure what you want me to replace ARCHIVO with, FILEPATH? Due to the space limitation , I think it is better to have the right term FILEPATH in English . ----------------------------------------------------------------- Doubt (for all versions) : 0- Choose a test.exe file to be "assassinate" . 1- If the 3 initial o
  16. Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer (AdobeCollabSync.exe) Shipped as a helper application in Adobe Acrobat 8 and Reader 8 , runs in the background providing synchronization of document reviews and Tracker subscriptions so that data is available when you need it. "The Adobe Synchronizer is a networking agent that is used to build disconnection tolerant applications. The Synchronizer provides a local copy of data on a server so that applications can utilize it regardless of network connectivity. As data changes on the server, Synchronizer updates the local copy and as the user publishes changes m
  17. Hi Marcin , there were some points missing on the implementation of the improvements we discussed : ---------------------------------------- FA 1.06 and FA Portable 1.06 : --when program starts the Delete box comes correctly UNmarked , however after a deletion process , it keeps marked (it should reset to UNmarked) . ---------------------------------------- FA Spanish 1.06 : -- when program starts the Delete box comes incorrectly marked . -- after a deletion process , it keeps marked . -- last line of Command Line Parameters help window says : Uso: FileASSASSIN.exe /function /silent ARCHIVO I
  18. ref. RR-free 1.16 bad link for "new program version" message When accepting msg "There is a new version of RR available , would you like to go to the download page ?" , there is a persistent fail on attempting to download from : http://www.malwarebytes.org/rr-update/rr-free-setup.exe This may have being introduced in RR-free 1.15 (I downloaded it , as well as RR-pro , directly from the FileForum link) .
  19. ref. RR-pro Exclusion List suggestions 1- This is good , or at least show the button label in red = Exclusion List 2- Also , I had previously suggested -by email- to spotlight (inside the Exclusion List) the entire line in red for each excluded Vendor , it would evidence the existing exclusions , when you are scrolling the full list . ... X AdFlusher X AD-Protect _ ADS Adware Remover X Ads Alert _ AdScrub X AdStriker ...
  20. Hi sparky4601 "... Also I installed a new monitor and it works fine except when I run FireFox the bottom task bar is 2" I cant figure out how to get it normal again ... " Try this procedure , I use to have it handy in the Bookmarks : http://kb.mozillazine.org/Resizing_oversize_window or check this index for a similar issue : http://kb.mozillazine.org/Category:Visual_...s_%28Firefox%29
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