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  1. Thanks @Gt-truth Now i know it's not just me seeing this
  2. I installed MBAM Premium PaleMoon browser takes over 20 seconds to open. I turned off PaleMoon in Exploit Protection / Applications PaleMoon opens in 2-3 seconds with that protection turned off MS Office 2010 Excel is also much slower if Exploit Protection is turned on for Excel. My setup: Windows 10 x64 (RTM) Version 1607 OS Build 14393.576 Panda free AV 18.00.00 WinPatrol free Zemana Antilogger pro I originally installed MBAM3 over the top of MBAM2 I uninstalled MBAM3 in Programs and features, then reinstalled MBAM3 again. That didn't help.
  3. Thanks Becky, I've been testing the temp patch and so far it works for me, MWP works after DB updates for an LUA.
  4. I agree T. To MBAM staff and helpers, I'm just a home user, considered the "family geek" trying to help and advise others as best i can. I've suggested/advised, help install/fix, etc., MBAM paid for several people, in some cases buying the product and giving as a free gift to someone who could not or would not buy the product. I now feel like I'm getting mud thrown on my face, for my bad advice, to use and trust MBAM. I don't know how to explain "well real-time protection isn't working now, but they will fix it soon..." In V1.x I could create work-around solutions using Command Processing. V2.x does not have Command Processing, it got dropped with the new V2. I asked about that when V2 was in Beta and was told "We'll add it to a later release" ... That was apx. 2 years ago. I'm still waiting for Command Processing. If I had Command Processing maybe I could come up with a workaround fix for this problem... Is MBAM ever going to add Command Processing to V2.x, or was I lied to ? I'm pretty patient, but 2 years ... that taxes my patience ... Read the history, this question has been asked by others and myself ... Is MBAM going to spend 2+ years trying to figure out and maybe fix the current problem ? MS puts out Patch Tuesday updates. If they find a patch is bad, they quickly pull it until it can be fixed. Why can't MBAM pull the "bad update" quickly, until they have a working solution ? In V1.x I could not manually update the DB definitions when logged into a LUA. In V2.x I could manually update the DB definitions when logged into a LUA, until this issue with a program update. I've read MBAM (Ron) opinions on not allowing an LUA to manually update the DB, and i think that is short sighted / closed minded. MBAM could allow an ADMIN to authorize an LUA to update definitions. If you want to enforce ADMIN authority for this, read the options MS Windows Updates offer ... need i say more ? On Start-up MBAM tries to update the DB definitions before a network connection is established. The update fails, it's had this error forever, it still has this error to this day. In V1 I could create scheduled task / Command Processing to update the DB definitions using Admin authority when logged in with LUA, after a network connection was established. That workaround worked reliably for me for many years. Well, with V2 I couldn't use this workaround, but i could manually update DB definitions as a LUA. I won one, I lost one, and accepted it as is, I could keep DB definitions as current as i wanted ... I couldn't use a scheduled task, but i could manually update. I have never seen another security product not be able to wait for a network connection established before downloading new DB updates. Why can't the MBAM auto update wait for a network connection before attempting a download, and failing because the network connection is not established ? If i can do this with V1 Command Processing and a Scheduled Task, it really can't be that difficult. As this has been an issue with MBAM updates for many years, it makes me wonder about the competency of MBAM programming. Sorry if you don't like my opinion, but i'm a retired programmer, so i do have a bit of experience with technical issues ... So, Ron, Becky, and all MBAM staff and forum helpers, you are not responsible for helping further with this issue, it's not your job, right ? And QA doesn't comment, i guess it's not their job to monitor the forum and try to help, right ? Can someone escalate this issue to someone who can answer ? RubberDucky would be fine with me, if he cares. Right now I'm not seeing were i can depend on MBAM real-time protection. How can I trust it, and recommend it to folks I help ? In post #25 I asked "Is there a way to test that Malware Protection is working, similar to the MBAM IP block test site ?" I never saw an answer to that question. Why was I ignored, or did i miss the answer ? Does MBAM staff know how to verify if Malware Protection is working, or do they not want to answer this and sweep the question under the rug ? I know the problem today is with a known unreliable Malicious Website Protection issue. But how do i know if an hour from now, or any-time, Malware Protection is or is not working ? My post is not meant to be demeaning, ranting, etc. I just would like to know if MBAM protection can be trusted, when and how. If not, when will it be fixed ? Does RubberDucky read this forum, and care if MBAM protection works reliably ?
  5. fwiw, With Version 1.x I could never manually update the DB when logged in with a LUA. For the many years I have used MBAM real-time there has always been a problem where MBAM would try to do a scheduled Update before the Network connection is re-established (on Startup/Wakeup). This update fails - can't connect to server, so the DB definitions could be days or weeks out of date depending on how the PC is used. V 1.x did have Command Processing available, so I created a Scheduled Task to do an Update on Startup or Wakeup using Admin authority, after a network connection is established This workaround worked reliably for me, to get the DB definitions updated. V 2.x does not have Command Processing. I and others have asked about the missing Command Processing in V 2 and were told "It will be added in a future release". It has been about 2 years since V 2 was released. Will Command Processing ever be added back to MBAM ? My experience is with the Home User version of MBAM, I have never used the Business version. I do help some family and friends with personal Home PC's, usually remotely via Teamviewer. I have seen this behaviour on all systems I have looked at, not just my own personal PC's. Until this V 2.18 Update issue I never had a problem doing a scheduled or manual update with an LUA with V 2.x, other than the problem where MBAM tries to update without a netwok connection available. Hopefully the fix MBAM releases for this issue will allow an LUA to easily update the DB definitions, one way or another.
  6. Did you do an Update from an Admin account when Malicious Website Protection is not working? When Malicious Website Protection is not working, i log out of my LUA, log in as an Admin and click on Update. If the update is successful, that gets Malicious Website Protection working again. I then log out of the Admin account, log back in the LUA, and test that Malicious Website Protection is working again for the LUA.
  7. The builit-in scheduler does not work correctly if the user logs in with a LUA. Please test it yourself, so you see the problem.
  8. Good point ky331. From what i know that was a problem caused by a bad DB update. For a bad DB update issue, they do fix issues quickly from what i have seen. But I guess it shows noone can be sure MBAM real-time protection is always reliable. I did get burned and a bricked system a couple of years ago by a bad MBAM DB update. I'd rather not remember that experience...or ever see it again. The current problem is a programming problem, and the question is when will it be fixed. If AdvancedSetup, daledoc1, or anyone, can give an official MBAM response, it is greatly appreciated.
  9. This problem has nothing to do with the browser or addon's used. It is a problem if the user logs into Windows with a Limited (Standard) account. It is not a problem if you log in with an Admin account. You can test this yourself. Log into Windows with a Limited account only for a few days, and you will see the problem. Also, I'd like to know if there is any progress on this. Is there any estimate for when a fix will be available ? Right now, MBAM real-time protection is unreliable for a Limited User Account.
  10. Ron, I have MBAM v 2.1.8 on Win 10. I logged in with a Limited Account. MBAM did a SCHEDULED update, and the AKA Domain Database update failed. I did not click on Update. Malicious Website Protection stopped working, with no alert or warning. The Notification Area icon shows Malicious Website Protection is enabled. The GUI doesn't show there are any errors. The only way I know of to know there is a problem: - Open the MBAM IP block test site, and see that the site is not blocked - Look in the Protection Log, and hopefully understand what the AKA Domain Database failed message really means How many users with this issue will use the IP block test site, or look at and know how to intrepret the log ? No matter what the reason, when Malicious Website Protection stops working with no alert or warning, I don't know if/when i can trust MBAM protection. Hopefully the same thing will not happen to Malware Protection. Is there a way to test that Malware Protection is working, similar to the MBAM IP block test site ? ProtectionLog_2015_07_28.txt
  11. @Tabvla, I'm sorry I worried you, but I (and others) have the same concern with this issue. I don't know what, if anything, you can do to make sure Malicious Website Protection works reliably with v 2.1.8. I think you have confirmed other users are having this issue without realising it. I would not have known about the issue until I clicked on the IP test site and found it didn't work, just as you did. I only tried it because of a problem someone else reported. I'm keeping an eye on the thread i linked to you to see if MBAM will offer a fix, new version, advice, etc. to fix this. AdvancedSetup (Ron) is suppose to work with MBAM QA and Development Teams for this problem. https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/170847-malicious-website-protection-problem-any-status-update/?p=978682 calintexas has the best understanding of this issue from what i have read, and done the most testing. Thank you calintexas !
  12. You might want to make sure your Malicious Website Protection is still working after you see an Update error message while using a Standard (Limited) account. Here is the MBAM IP Test site to test if Malicious Website Protection is working: http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ You should get a blocked popup message when you try to access that site. You can also review the messages in the MBAM Protection Log in the History tab. If you're interested, here is a topic about this issue: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/170847-malicious-website-protection-problem-any-status-update/
  13. calintexas has explained and documented this the best i have seen here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/170677-unable-to-access-update-server-and-errors-in-daily-protection-log/ https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/170715-malwarebytes-misbehaving-possible-infection/ A couple of other threads I've seen about this: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/170563-mbam-does-not-block-ip-test-site/ https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/170711-malicious-website-removal-will-not-stay-on/ There may be more ? As a workaround i restored back to ver 2.1.6 so i don't have the logs.
  14. Several people have reported a problem with Malicious Website Protection. It might stop working after a DB update, when the user is logged into Windows with a Standard (Limited) account. Is there any status update on fixing this problem ?
  15. Thanks calintexas for the suggestion. For me it seems you are right. I normally logon with a Standard (Limited) account, and often see the "Bad md5 or size" errors in the Protection logs. I logged off, logged in with my Admin account, and MBAM updated without these errors. I didn't have this problem prior to version Now it seems protection may not be working correctly with no alert or warning. I asked about these errors when i first tested ... https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/169507-mbam-2181057-released/?p=970490