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  1. Somethngcreative + Dan. Thank you so much. @Dan - I know what you mean. Thank you so much for your pointers. All points taken. You laid em down in a real neat way. Will try and do something new, keeping your points in mind. Thank you guys.
  2. Hello Guys, Started designing a new interface design for Malwarebyte. Keeping in mind the current blue color you folks have. Also I feel the interface has to be interactive, and animated. The lock in the middle, its circular dial rotates while completing a scan. The particle animation keeps happening while the scan is on. The small blue button on the top on the lock, suggests the scan type. If a virus is found, it blinks in red. Guys do suggest what you folks think. Would love to hear some constructive criticism and I hope the design is bought by Malwarebytes. Cheers! G
  3. Some of the Malware which was found were not traced by Malwarebyte Pro. I did not save the log file but why is that? Just curious!
  4. And is this is safe? http://forcetls.sidstamm.com/ Should one install this on their computer. Which is the most safest browser to use and surf the net? And why doesn't Malwarebytes introduce a web-broswer for us?
  5. Thank you so much. Yes indeed it was a paid version, and am sure you are right, maybe that's the reason it crashed. Once again thank you so much. Looking forward for a wonderful relationship with Malwarebytes "PRO" :)
  6. A BIG Hello to all of you here and to the guys who made a software like this. Kudos! I have just recently purchased Malwarebytes Pro and I love this software. My question is - I use genuine windows 32 bit and I have Comodo Premium Security Installed. Can Two anti malware softwares run along each side with an anti virus on a windows 7 OS without conflicting and in their optimum usage? The two anti malwares are in my case 1) MalwareByte Pro and 2) Emsisoft Anti Malware Kindly suggest, I have recently had my hard disk crashed, and dont want to go in direction again. Thank you Gulzi Thank you for hearing me out.
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