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  1. Success! V 3.8.2 installed, and Outlook now connects to Comcast! Yay! (and yes, please close out the helpdesk ticket.) Thanks again for all your help!
  2. Please find attached the requested zip file of the logs. I ran it after turning the web protection ON, then running Outlook. And, as expected, my Comcast email would not connect. Got the error message: "cannot connect to the server." (0x800CCC0E). Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. When I turn real time web protection OFF, my Outlook can contact the Comcast server. None of my other email addresses launched from Outlook have any problem with web protection ON, only Comcast. I would like to have web protection ON and to be able to send and receive Comcast email in my Outlook program. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Thank you.
  4. update: Got my MBAM Premium lifetime license working on my new laptop. Customer error! I copied the license code and id incorrectly. Sorry. But everything is working now as it should, and again I thank you for responding so quickly.
  5. Thanks for your very prompt reply. I tried to activate on my new laptop just now. Unfortunately, I'm still getting MBAM error code 403104 and it won't activate. (It was working just fine on my old laptop, until that laptop expired for reasons unknown.) Can you confirm that the staff found my email contact trail and did activate the license key and license id I had submitted? I confess I'm puzzled....
  6. Sadly, that's exactly the problem -- the old laptop is a brick and won't boot. So, as I understand it, the only way for that license to be deactivated is for MBAM staff to deactivate it on the MBAM server. I provided my license and user name at issue in several previous emails to MBAM support. If you are able, you could find them using the email address linked to this user account. (I wouldn't want to type them here in this public space.) As a product support service engineer, are you able to look into this? Thanks!
  7. I'm not able to deactivate myself because my old laptop is, unfortunately, a brick. I contacted support on May 18 through the contact form and then several times through email. Unfortunately, no staff member has yet been able to get my license deactivated. I'm assuming that is because MBAM staff are overwhelmed with ransomware issues. But if any MBAM staff can look into this for me, or advise me how to proceed, I'd very much appreciate it. Thank you!
  8. Thank you for the info and the reason for the blocking. Question: When you do this do you then contact mailchimp to alert them to the issue? Thanks.
  9. And I just manually updated too and the issue was resolved. Thanks for the hint!
  10. Yes, version 12.02.06 is what I have and yes it just started this am after the update now that I think about it. So I wonder if MWB staff can advise us if they have found malicious software on symantec's servers? Or could this be an error in the update file? Thanks.
  11. Can someone from MWB staff tell us why symcb.com is malicious? Would it be safe to add it to the list of exclusions to avoid the popups?
  12. Whois says that symcb.com belongs to Symantec and the host is Akamai.. I have norton antivirus from Comcast installed and running, so it could be outlook or iexplorer trying to contact symantec. So far I can still surf with IE and still use Outlook.
  13. I'm suddenly getting the same blocking from Malwarebytes (premium). It is variations on symcb.com. One recent one was sr.symcb.com saying it is a malicious site. The source has been ixplorer.exe or outlook.exe. Does anyone have any information on what is being blocked. Thank you.
  14. Malwarebytes blocked IE from opening this webpage. Please check to see if it is a false positive. A friend sent me this link to a tourist picture page, and says her software says the site is safe. My Norton also has it safe, but MB says no. Thanks.
  15. Thank you for your quick response. Much appreciated!
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