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  1. TDSS File.... IE loads multi windows wildly when a zip file is selected. Downloaded Winzip to open the TDSSKiller.zip file. Nothing noted. TDSS.txt
  2. The OUTGOING IP block is still active, ---IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 137)---- I'm still infected This must be a hobby in China.
  3. ComboFix log. Had to reboot once more after the ComboFix scan...... everything was unavailable. Thought it was gone for good. Txt files would not open either - where I saved the ComboFix directions and could not get on line either. Where do we go from here? ComboFix.txt
  4. AS per direction....and thanks..... mbam-log-2011-12-05 (18-21-00).txt
  5. Yes, utter frustration watching this computer go away before my eyes..... Didn't intend to sound as harsh as the post sounds. Just bitter feelings with the whole situation. As far as I'm concerned, these hackers and the country that they appear to be most predominately from is at war with the USA. When they hack into a municipal water pumping station and destroy machinery and equipment - it is an act of war, plane and simple. Thanks, I'll try to calm down! EBWTech
  6. Yes, I'm now actually losing access to file folders on my own computer while Malwarebytes logs IP blocks. It started as I explained in 'General' and was 'invited' to post elsewhere to no avail as my computer is going away from my use. I believe I was basically robbed of $24.95 and along with my computer. For example: 'Documents and Settings' is blocked - "No Access" - that's just great! This hacker is totally taking over my computer. Thanks a lot - for what? I guess I must take the computer to a shop to get anywhere with this problem...... You folks seem to be just too busy.
  7. Hello, Thanks are first in order along with another plu$ too I figure... This is fairly recent and my post in 'General' describes the symptoms - email (Thunderbird) stops, the screen goes pale and 'not responding' shows for a lengthy period of time. Also Firefox does the same... Clicking on a zip file will attempt to open far too many IE windows.... Must shut down and reboot! Anyhow I ran the DDS and here are those findings files: . DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86 Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.19154 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_16 Run by William A. Clemins at 12:19:28 on 2011-12-04 Microsoft® W
  8. Seems I'm losing normal control of various programs on this computer. I have had Foxfire and Thunderbird stop functioning with the screen going pale and 'not responding' on the header. I was in a picture folder recently and found a large quantity of strange unopenable files so not knowing what else to do I deleted them all. If I click on a zip file the computer goes wild opening many, many windows of IE and nothing I can do will stop these openings and I have opened Task Manager in an attempt to stop this but it is out of control, I must shut the computer down and reboot. Maybe I'm going with
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