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  1. When I set-up a daily threat scan and set the frequency for daily does Malwarebytes run the scan once or daily forever? Or, do I need to set the frequency for multiple days...up to 60 days? If I need to set the frequency for up to 60 days why not have the setting set for...always/forever?
  2. I read somewhere that Malwarebytes v3.0.6 and Avast don't play well together. Is there any truth to this? I have made mutual exclusions in both MB and Avast.
  3. I realize that you are a forum member and not a MWB employee. That is the reason for my apology. Usually my tone is much softer. BTW, I am a respected forum member on the avast forums which lends more sincerity to my apology.
  4. @ Firefox Please accept my sincere apology. My issue was a corrupt install download. I re-downloaded the install. Now everything is great. Again, please accept my sincere apology.
  5. With all due respect, I am really, really sick and tired of uninstalling/reinstalling over and over and over again. I am really, really sick and tired of try "this" fix or "that" fix over and over and over again. I am really, really sick and tired of rebooting over and over and over again. All of the above are from just today alone. Sorry, no logs will be attached. I'm too sick and tired to attach any logs. I have an idea.....Why doesn't MalwareBytes just fix it? I can't wait for v4.xxx
  6. Is there a fix in the works for the web protection issue? Can't speak for everyone, but this is getting old. I have tried everything, turn "this" or "that" on or off, try this idea or that idea, reboot after reboot, even a clean install. Nothing seems to work. I paid for MalwareBytes and I want what I paid for...a product that works. Please fix this freaking issue once and for all.
  7. It just started today. I have been getting a pop-up about outbound protection for my Vivaldi browser. Something about a specific IP address. I keep trying to capture a screenshot with no luck. I'm not too thrilled about making an exclusion for the entire Vivaldi folder. Nor am I thrilled about making an exclusion for a Vivaldi IP address. And there are multiple ports involved.
  8. By doing as you suggest I would need to check virtually every folder and/or sub-folder. Not to mention I still would not be able to run a rootkit scan of the entire C drive.
  9. Why can't I select my C drive and still be able to do a rootkit scan? I can't even select my entire C drive at all. Why have a custom scan if the user can't customize the scan? I want to scan my C and D drives for everything including rootkits. Maybe Malwarebytes doesn't want the user to scan entire drives for rootkits. v2.xxx the user could select the drive(s) and scan for rootkits. What gives?
  10. In fact I can't even select anything on the right side of the custom scan screen!
  11. What happened to the users choice to select "whole" drives to scan? In v2.xxx I was able to select the whole C drive for a rootkit scan. Not anymore. Now I have to select every thing as an individual basis. That's a pita. Please bring back this function.
  12. Great news! Malwarebytes is updating as it should. No bug with definitions updating. Must have been a one time thing.
  13. Clarification...the GUI showed up-to-date> I then clicked to update> MalBytes then updated. It might not be a bug after all. Will watch it over the next 24-48 hrs. then report back.
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