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  1. i had this same issue not long ago, it basically changes all your shortcuts/programs to hidden, and turns off view hidden files to fool you into thinking they were deleted/damaged quick and dirty fix : click start, in the search programs and files at the bottom type resource and you should see the resource monitor option pop up, open it, find the process vMttfGqwJXmmgo.exe under cpu and end task run regedit using the same method, search for vMttfGqwJXmmgo.exe, and delete the entry restart open a browser of your choice with the same method grab roguekiller from here run it with option 1, let it finish save the text file to post here if you have other issues run it with option 2, let it finish save the text file to post here if you have other issues run it again with option 6 to unhide/restore your files/programs etc check the text files for items that failed and need to have their attributes restored manually exit roguekiller by pressing 0 restart that should restore everything that was changed *note* roguekiller alone might be able to detect the process and do everything, however i caught the malware immediately after it installed so it only had hidden a few files before i killed the process *admins/mods/helpers* i can provide a copy of the file that caused my infection if needed to help create a removal and repair program if needed, just reply here or email me
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