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  1. Thanks. He doesn't have the net connected which is why he needs the ethernet driver, I thought ubuntu would have those already installed otherwise how would you get on the net?
  2. Thanks, he's left so I wont see him for a few days but I will DL it and keep it just incase
  3. Yep that is the fear, the failing HD I dl'd the drivers I found and ubuntu 11 for him so its just a case of waiting and hoping now, thank you everyone for the help
  4. Thanks, I dont have the code yet but he does have it and will bring it down tomorrow, dell I see has a helpful list of which drivers to install first so thats good , normally tbh I just run things I DL so I am not even sure if my FF has the option to save, im pretty sure it doesnt from past DLs, not sure how to get that to work, i can DL and then it scans the DL and then i normally just click it to run, i dont know how else to do it. I do not even know if i have a burning prog, i've never done it before, I have ROXIO but ive not used that, does windows not have one already installed? Hes bringing a few dvds so hopefully all the drivers will fit on them and the linux distro. Or is it better to just install linux and forget all about windows? does linux come with all the drivers needed to get online and such? and what AV is compatible for it? sorry I am a newbe edit i dont seem to have ROXIO anymore, do I need a "burner" prog and if so can anyone recommend a free one for me?
  5. Thanks, I think the ethernet one might be what is stopping the connection. thing is as we will be DL the drivers from my PC and burning them onto a disc im just worried that I might accidentally install then on mine instead of burning to disc, im not even sure dell will have the option to burn the drivers to disc tbh. i wont be doing this till tuesday when I get back in town, i just hope i dont mess it up
  6. we tried last time to get a copy from dell but like you said they didn't seem able to help they said it would cost 30-50 I think for a copy of xp i've looked on the dell site and there is a whole page of drivers, so im going to DL all those and burn to cd (if it lets me, i dont know how so if anyone could help? as we have two different machines and I do not want to "update" my drivers with the wrong ones and break my pc also) if that works then we can get him to DL linux, if not I will DL linux and we might as well just wipe the PC and use linux so if anyone has good links to any easy newbie friendly distros that would be great
  7. not sure what the model is but its a dell about 6-7 years old, his mate burned a copy of a xp for him in case it happened again but some how this didn't work and the PC reformatted its self, now windows is saying its a illegal copy (makes sense) and as he doesn't have a key as it came pre installed he is pretty screwed. I think he said it said he had 30 days to reg it? so we are now trying to get the PC to see the router to get on the net to get a copy of a linux distro rather than him going out to get a new windows OS but this is proving difficult as his isp said that the router was fine (we knew this) and the reason he cannot get on the net is probably a missing driver (news to me!)so they were less than helpful I think he is just going to call someone out to "fix" it so once he at least then has the net he can rid himself of windows.
  8. This has happened again (He decided not to go with linux too much for him to learn he said ) would this be fixed with a new HD? That is bound to be cheaper than a new PC and not to difficult to install?
  9. I'm having issues with seeing facebook ads so I updated my ad ons, adblocker plus, no script and still I see them, so I removed abp and tried to re installed to see if that made a difference, well I now get a message saying addons cannot be downloaded because of a connection failure on addons.mozilla.org, so I went to apb's home page and that would not install either, and then I tried a few other moz ad ons and those would not install, is it just me? The fact abp would not install from the home page leads me to think that it might be, but I have no reason to as I updated NS perfectly fine only a few hours before. Edit I just checked and the home page is a link back to moz ad ons so that would explain it. sorry to waste your time, hopefully this will be up later. But if anyone knows how to block the ads on FB that would be appreciated.
  10. I have SB but never had that issue from Sandboxie, i've been using it for years with out issue.
  11. Hi, I use Opera chat for IRC and was trying to see if it keeps logs, I know MSN does but I turned that function of a long time ago and was wondering if Opera logs them by default. Thanks.
  12. Spoke to soon, the IE one wasn't part of the patch, I just got 14 updates
  13. All I got was one update and that was IE9 to download finally.
  14. Well he knows very little about PCs (I know little too so I can't really help him on that) so is confused about all the distros (I heard puppy and mint were the most newbie friendly) But if he decides on the change I will definitely point him here I think he was part worried about surfing and buying online and whether or not you needed to have a windows OS to access some sites, I think only online gaming is that a must and he doesn't do that so I think he would be ok, its just taking that leap into the unknown Thank you all for your help!
  15. Spoke to soon! Its fixed, the CD didn't let him do everything that the instructions on fixing this issue says it should and he doesn't think it installed the recovery console either but hes now back online and thinking of moving to linux
  16. Got the disc but we cannot get it to work, cannot find system set up in any of the F keys to boot from the CD
  17. Thanks for all the help everyone , got another mate sending me his Dell CD so hopefully that should reach me in a few days then I will go down and attempt a fix, least this should save him money
  18. Thanks, I know he was going to do something with F12 as he knows little about these things like me neither of us knew what to do, I will tell him to run the tests, not sure about getting hold of the key though, he is finding it hard just to find anyone that has a copy of the XP disc and is it his key or the key from the person that he is getting the disc from? Though what do you mean "Dell Windows XP CD" is this a different CD from those that do not have Dell PC's? Sorry about all these questions.
  19. Ah thanks, the licence key is not needed from him or the person he will borrow the disc from then? Or the SP as I think he will be 3 but I doubt he can find a SP3 disc. I will tell him to check the cables too. Thanks a lot
  20. Well Dell were of no help to him He definitely does not have a disc but thinks XP came pre-installed, is there a way of accessing the partition it was installed on to get into the recovery console or is there no way to by-pass having a disc? And what about the licence key? It's been 6+ years since my friend has his PC so how would he find it and does he need the licence key of the XP disc is might borrow?
  21. Right thanks, I will get him to run the check disc first and then open up the tower
  22. Do you know what might have caused this? Is it just one of those things the XP does? Is it the age or could something like a virus do it?
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