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  1. Ah thank you, it is very annoying that they have not cleared it up for some games are many years old. I still use AVG 9 as I tend to wait a while before I update, just to make sure the kinks are ironed out.
  2. Hi, I am having issues with AVG 9 deleting some game files as it thinks they are infected, they are not they are safe, bought and paid for from steam, (and a few of steams free games) is there a whitelist option in AVG 9? I know, least I think I know there used to be but not sure now or how to go about it. Thanks.
  3. This is intermittent and I thought had stopped but no it is still going on, in the set up page it is separate from the server name so I have no idea why sometimes it is making this mistake. I will use that forum and see what they say thanks
  4. When I use Thunderbird for one account I now get this pop up I have always pressed cancel so far. But I do not know why as that location is right and clicking the "Get cert" opens nothing, plus it sometimes does not pop up and lets me get my mail. Any ideas, it only just started 24 hours ago. Thanks.
  5. Thank you sho-dan, I am getting a HTC so I will take a look at those
  6. Is it really that big a issue with smartphones being infected?
  7. I know this is for PCs but I thought this the best place to ask, I am getting my first smartphone next month and looking through the aps for android I noticed a few AV's, I suppose this makes sense after all they link up to the net so why not, but asking friends and family no one has a AV on their phone, some said it was not needed and the threat over blown (I will admit I didn't even know there was a threat) and others said they felt it slowed browsing down. So does anyone have a smartphone and what is their opinions on the need for a AV for it? Thanks.
  8. Still happening, oddly as I have three accounts it seems only to happen on one.
  9. Hi Mysyery, I have checked and date/time/year all correct on the PC, issue still remains.
  10. Nope I never use apps or play games, its just on the normal facebook page with peoples updates on it, I think (memory like a sieve) but I think this started after I updated to ff6 but then again it might have started just before, either way it only started about 24 hours ago
  11. Hi I keep getting this pop up in Facebook, I can get on it no problem but if I leave it open for a while and look at another tab sometimes this image pops up I have no idea what it is as my facebook is the right one im sure, clicking the url bar you can see the cert is good and I do not put my password in as its already saved. I have googled but I come up with a blank. Anyone know what this means? Thanks. Edit I should say I use NS and ABP too but obviously some things need to be allowed for it to run, I do not see ads though or ever click apps.
  12. I got them from a Music concert CD/DVDs I got a while back its on the extras I have just managed to finally put on I thought I could just rip the audio track in windows but unless I did it wrong that did not work. It is for MP4, Music videos these are. Thank you AdvancedSetUp Itunes worked perfectly
  13. Another question, I am looking for a file converter for MP4 to MP3, would itunes do this or would they have to be tunes bought from itunes rather than another vendor for them to convert?
  14. Hi, I was trying to put a very dvds on my pc but for some reason they will not rip like a cd with music does. I think this might have to do with MS and copywrite but I have bought them, they are mine and I would like to hook my tv to the PC to watch my movies. Does anyone know how to get them to rip (am I doing it wrong?) or have a good program that will do it? Thanks.
  15. I have tried that and can now no longer install Fix it on my PC, it says it encountered and error and please try again later The second post sounds like my issue http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/fixitcenter/thread/5229dce3-2993-400e-96e2-525422dac9c1
  16. A program I had wont not work so I decided to try MS Fic, I have not used this since probably a month after it was launched and it wanted to DL updates, which it did but could not install due to a error and said to try again later, which I have for a few days but still it will not run. Anyone else have this issue? I looked on what I think was the forum for it and saw 2/3 had it but no one had answered them, might be a Vista SP2 issue?
  17. I thought that too Weirdly MS link to that website so it should have Dl'd, ah never mind.
  18. I have given up I tried the cnet link, it doesnt let me DL, I tried K-lite and it didn't work for me, and neither did cccp, never mind it was not that important anyway.
  19. Its ok, I have given up on it, it was not important anyway, I uninstalled VLC as it was only to use for that one site. I am confused as to why the pack from Cnet will not install though, I got VLC from cnet and that installed just fine. Eithwe way I know I did the right thing and didn't DL the plug in from the site (Thank you NS!) But thank you for the help
  20. I was on site that has video that said it was playable in windows media but clicking on it it said it I was missing a plug in, know I know the site is good so my question is how do I know what to install? I see a codec pack but on WOT the site is red so that does not fill me with confidence. I Dl'd VLC player thinking that would allow streaming like it says but it did not solve the issue unless I am supposed to set it up? Thanks. Edit I found this hxxp://download.cnet.com/Media-Player-Codec-Pack/3000-13632_4-10749065.html but both FF and IE would not allow the DL, IE said something about a port not being set up to connect to it?
  21. He has connected online so all is good, a few things like thunderbird not accepting his pw is a bit annoying but im sure a few goes at it will sort it all out, so in a few days he will be installing ubuntu
  22. Ah right, I am hoping and presuming that ubuntu will have everything installed so it can connect online, as that is the only issue he has, I thought it best to get him to have a AV, just in case.
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