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  1. I've pointed the browser extension team to your post.
  2. The site has been re-checked and will be unblocked on the next update.
  3. The site has been re-checked and will be unblocked on the next update.
  4. Your site is blocked for piracy.
  5. This is an F/P and will be corrected on the next update, thank you (incidentally, that uni is just down the A1 from me (near enough anyway)).
  6. The site was unblocked yesterday
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  8. Your host needs to remove the offending sites. Alternatively, you can either move the site elsewhere, or ask to be moved to an alternate IP.
  9. The site is blocked because it is involved in everything from fraud to piracy
  10. The site has been re-checked and will be unblocked on the next update
  11. The site has been re-checked and will be unblocked on the next update
  12. Block was removed last year.
  13. The block will be removed on the next update
  14. Your site still has malicious content present. For example; http://www.asepaila.com/cli/china/
  15. The site has been re-checked and will be unblocked on the next update
  16. The site has been re-checked. The block will be removed on the next update.
  17. Update should be out within the hour.
  18. The block is being removed on the next update
  19. The block will be reviewed. Please don't post live links
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