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  1. Hi, Is there a place where i can download all rogue antivirus programs? I want them on a dedicated machine so i can research them for myself. i am currently looking for the antivirus 2008 (like the original one ever?) Thanks
  2. I defo think there should be a linux version also. Im always removing viruses from customers computers with mbam and always wanted a linux version to scan windows hard drives with. It can be a PITA removing hard drives to do external scans but with a linux version, u could have a really lightweight mbam boot disk instead, and also would give me 1 more reason 2 not have to rely on windows
  3. Hi, I wondered how does av software know that something is a virus? what does it do to a file to determin if it is infected or not? thanks
  4. Hi, is there a way to find out where a rogue antivirus program came from - the website which was visited @ the time it was downloaded onto the computer, and is there a way 2 find out the time it was installed? thanks
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