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  1. Hi Nikhil, OK, that worked ... except for two glitches. I control my wifi hookup manually. When it rebooted and asked if I wanted to re-install MBAM I assumed that it wouldn't be able to download the program, so I manually started the wifi and signed into my cable company then I asked it to re-install MBAM which then worked fine. After the installation MBAM worked fine and found nothing malicious. I then tried to access my account which wanted me to sign in. I will now attempt to resolve the resultant issue with your customer service people. Thanks very much. Paul in NY
  2. Hello @Porthos, Sorry about that. I will re-post it without the key or id so that Nikhil knows the status of my problem. Paul in NY
  3. Hi Nikhil, I booted into safe mode and ran mb-support- again with the same result ... it could not write the data file to the desktop. Since I had signed in to safe mode as administrator but then ran the support tool as a user I figured that maybe the administrator's desktop might be verboten to a user. I then ran the support tool again with administrator privileges with exactly the same result ... it could not write the data file to the desktop. I then booted back to normal mode. McAfee Total Protection is able to scan the machine normally. Word Pad, Libre Office Calc, Notepad++, and Visual Studio are also normal. MBAM itself starts normally but it still fails 35 seconds after starting a scan. It does not begin scanning for rootkits. I think it might be unable to contact your server, yet I was typing this reply into your website while MBAM was failing to contact your server. Paul in NY
  4. I downloaded and ran mb-support- selecting "ADVANCED" and "GATHER LOGS". It ran for 15 minutes showing "COllect Logs", then for 10 minutes showing "RUN FRST", then for 15 minutes showing "ZIP LOGS". Then it reported that it failed to create mbst-grab-results.zip.
  5. My Windows 10 pro is now at version 1903, build 18362.418 after an update today. After the Windows update MBAM Premium, with a perpetual license, began failing repeatedly after 35 seconds while checking for updates. After doing a manual update check MBAM downloaded and installed an update. After restarting the updated MBAM it fails in the same way. See attached screenshot.
  6. I have been using MBAM for many years. I am currently running version, component package 1.0.508, update package 1.0.8365, on a Windows 10 pro computer. My license is the old premium license which never expires. For the last three days a popup box appears every few minutes advising me to change my settings to turn on all protection status settings. The popup box contains clickable boxes to access the settings or ignore. Clicking on either of these boxes does nothing. Clicking on the tray logo pops up a box which has checkmarks next to Web, Exploite, Malware and Ransomware Protection. In the main MBAM window clicking on Settings > Application shows that the Event Log Data, Proxy Server, User Acess, and Beta Application Updates are OFF and all other choices are ON. Settings > Protection shows that Startup Options and Enable self-protection module early start and OFF and all other choices are ON. Prior to the last few days the popup box never appeared. Has some sort of malware infected my MBAM installation?
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