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  1. Many thanks for the personal message from @dcollins. I have copied it below, followed by the solution to my MBAM problem - which I found by trial-and-error. I did say I would feedback the outcome of anything I tried, so that this forum could perhaps learn from it. ___________________________________ @dcollins wrote: Problem: Unable to contact license server.Sent May 12 Something is definitely blocking access to keystone.mwbsys.com on your machine, so I find it strange you can access the website without issue. Can you try in safe mode with networking? __________________
  2. Thanks for collective help so far. I see that the author who initiated this thread is back. I have provided the file requested to @dcollinsvia PM, with the message: _________________________________________ Thanks for your response per discussion: Unable to contact license server - Malwarebytes 3 Support Forum - Malwarebytes Forums - <https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/226996-unable-to-contact-license-server/?tab=comments&_fromLogin=1> Please see the attached file: 2018-05-04 mbst-grab-results.zip Though you wrote, "While none of the information should be
  3. Privacy/Security: Apologies @Master Blaster, but when I wrote the statement: "I'm not sure I want to attach that file here, in an open forum, there's a lot of secondary confidential data in those files in the .ZIP" - I was intentionally addressing myself in response to @dcollins' helpful/constructive comment: "3. Click Gather Logs and once the process is done, upload the zip file it creates on your desktop named mbst-grab-results.zip " That is, I had faithfully followed the 3 steps suggested, but held off on sending the attachment of the .ZIP file (for the reasons stated).
  4. I'm not sure I want to attach that file here, in an open forum, there's a lot of secondary confidential data in those files in the .ZIP I also used the MBAM Support Tool to Clean uninstall and then download/reinstall MBAM. It did the Clean OK, but interestingly, on trying to downlad a copy of the latest version of MBAM, it gave this error: --------------------------- Installation Error --------------------------- Malwarebytes for Windows could not be downloaded due to a network problem. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- This rather begins t
  5. Ah, thanks for that response @exile360. Yes, thanks, I am well aware of the risks in using a RAMdisk to hold TEMP where proggie developers have taken the professionally inadvisable shortcut of using TEMP for holding essential carryover files inbetween reboots, in installers. Cleanmgr and CCleaner, etc. can have fun with those. TEMP is called "TEMP" for a reason. I always take care to install MBAM with C:\TEMP set, having discovered that the MBAM installs generally fail when using a RAMdisk TEMP, apparently for the above reason. It was only mb-clean that was run using RAMdisk TEMP. W
  6. After uninstalling MBAM Premium and then reinstalling MBAM (using mbam-setup-, I seem to have the exact same problem. So I uninstalled MBAM again, using mb-clean- and then reinstalled (using mbam-setup-, but the problem persists. The file mb-clean-results.txt is attached to this forum post. It seems to indicate no major problems except that "Failed to open Postreboot file R:\Temp\postreboot.txt", which is presumably because the TEMP folder is a RAMdisk which is destroyed at reboot. So, at present, MBAM is stuck in Trial Mode and each Activation at
  7. Hello Ron, Thankyou very much for taking the trouble to reply. However, though I am well-used to acting as a ß-tester for software developers, I do not have the time to test the download links that you provide for MBAM versions. If you wish me to download a particular (or the latest) version, then please provide the relevant/correct download link. The latest I previously had was (as per above discussion thread): mbam-setup- - mb3-setup-consumer- The latest available via the main MBAm site would seem to be: https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com/web/mb3-setup-co
  8. Quote: Ron Lewis - Posted Saturday at 06:02 PM Since you're not willing to allow us to assist you there isn't much I can say or do to fix it. If you do change your mind please let me know and I'll be more than happy to assist you. Yes, there was a bug in the installer from a previous build but a download and install from the latest installer should fix that. https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3/ If your sure you'd like a refund, then our eCommerce partner Cleverbridge handles any issues relating to your refund. Thank you Ron Ron Lewis - Forum Community Manager /End Quote.
  9. Hello @Porthos. Thanks for your comment. Sorry for the belated response. I downloaded the mbam-check app and ran it. I have also run the latest version again today. I found nothing untoward in the scan logs, so this remains as an unsolved problem/bug in the installer. I am NOT about to send the logs to a third party as the laptop in question is a backup to my high-security laptop. Interestingly the high security laptop is now experiencing a similar bug. It is running v3.0.6.1469 and has been nagging for ages to press the "Install" button for a "new and improved version of Malwarebytes", b
  10. Hello@1PW and thankyou for the response. As explained and following on from above: (a) I have already expunged MBAM v2.x from the 2nd laptop in question, using Malwarebytes' own tool designed for that purpose - clean- (b) MBAM v2.x had to be expunged as it was stuck at the point where it could not (had been unable to, for weeks/months) update itself to MBAM v3.x. (c) This inability to update is apparently a common bug, and the workaround is to use the clean- tool to expunge MBAM v2.x. This is what I did. This was an identical situation to an
  11. I have just uninstalled the MBAM v2.2 something, using clean-, as MBAM had the bug where it could not update itself to v3 via the normal update process. Before uninstalling, I deactivated the licence key (lifetime licence). This was on my backup laptop. It was the exact same drill as I had to use on my main laptop, some weeks back. That had installed without problem. However, when I came to run the installer mb3-setup-consumer- on this second laptop, the error message occurs: Runtime Error (at 49:120): Could not call proc. This is repeatable ac
  12. Thankyou for your response above. At least my questions would seem to have been collectively answered, namely: (a) The root cause of this, what seems to be a continuing/common problem, is not understood and so a fix is not yet known/published. (b) The only workaround would seem to be as suggested by @daledoc1 (thanks) - carefully following ALL of the steps at: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x I had to smile at: That will take an estimated 1:10hrs elapsed time due to Win10 update on the laptop in question being stuck in a looping failed update cycle at each boot time.
  13. The problem is: Malwarebytes says it is "Unable to access update server" I see that this subject had been discussed previously in this forum, a couple of years ago, and is closed to comment. The workaround at the time seems to have been drastic: the user had to perform a full and clean uninstall of MBAM, and then reinstall. This was presumably because no fix had been developed as no-one had defined of understood the cause of the problem, so the solution was to akin to removing a car engine and replacing it with a new one if it was misfiring, instead of cleaning the spark-plugs,
  14. Procedure described below is consistently and repeatedly unable to activate the product on new laptop after installing from latest downloaded installer and entering the correct lifetime licence ID and Key. Installed product keeps insisting it is a Trial version and is now about to expire. Advice requested! I have tried to email Support but the email page seems broken (that was using Firefox). I am posting this using IE-x64 (Win10). ---------------------------- To activate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium: Click Activate located at the top right of the application. If you can'
  15. Concerned whether false positive in MWB re Ransom.FileLocker in file mpc-hc64.exe

  16. Yes, just now (2016-01-03 0648hrs NZT) MBAM Pro quarantined Ransom.FileLocker in file mpc-hc64.exe , on a personal laptop. Since it's an old installation and hasn't been changed/updated recently (as far as I am aware), I wondered whether it might be a false positive. I shall watch this thread for info. Thanks.
  17. I had the same experience/problem - MBAM issuing recurring reports of potential malware from on ports 137 and 138. My router address is in the address range 192.168.1.xxx, so it is a false positive. I uploaded the updated MBAM database, and the MBAM reports stopped. I then ran a quick virus check (MS Security Essentials) and an MBAM Quick Scan - just in case. Many thanks for such a rapid response. :-)
  18. This is an excerpted example from today's log (with obfuscated user name): 2013/09/27 00:05:55 +1200 HPENVY14-1112TX User MESSAGE Starting protection 2013/09/27 00:05:55 +1200 HPENVY14-1112TX User MESSAGE Protection started successfully 2013/09/27 00:05:55 +1200 HPENVY14-1112TX User MESSAGE Starting IP protection 2013/09/27 00:05:58 +1200 HPENVY14-1112TX User MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 2013/09/27 12:33:17 +1200 HPENVY14-1112TX User IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 57126, Process: vpnclient_x64.exe) 2013/09/
  19. As a trial, I've been using VPN Gate on and off for a few months. For probably most of the time it sits passively in my Systray (executable is vpnclient_x64.exe). However, MBAM (the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware proggy that I use) regularly reports it as being blocked whilst trying to communicate with a dodgy IP address - (Type: outgoing, Port: 57126, Process: vpnclient_x64.exe) I did a WHOIS via http://ipaddress.is/ on this IP address, which returned this information (and more): QuoteIP Address Profile A detailed IP address report for is below.
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