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  1. Many thanks for the personal message from @dcollins. I have copied it below, followed by the solution to my MBAM problem - which I found by trial-and-error. I did say I would feedback the outcome of anything I tried, so that this forum could perhaps learn from it. ___________________________________ @dcollins wrote: Problem: Unable to contact license server.Sent May 12 Something is definitely blocking access to keystone.mwbsys.com on your machine, so I find it strange you can access the website without issue. Can you try in safe mode with networking? ___________________________________ SOLUTION: I use WFC (Windows Firewall Control). The usual WFC profile setting is "Medium Filtering (recommended)". I set this to "Low Filtering", and the problem with MBAM went away. Sheesh. As simple as that. And I can see why that worked. This could probably be a common MBAM problem and solution for anyone using WFC. I did not then need to bother trying using safe mode with networking. Thanks for your assistance. S.
  2. Thanks for collective help so far. I see that the author who initiated this thread is back. I have provided the file requested to @dcollinsvia PM, with the message: _________________________________________ Thanks for your response per discussion: Unable to contact license server - Malwarebytes 3 Support Forum - Malwarebytes Forums - <https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/226996-unable-to-contact-license-server/?tab=comments&_fromLogin=1> Please see the attached file: 2018-05-04 mbst-grab-results.zip Though you wrote, "While none of the information should be personally identifiable...", some of the files do in fact contain UserIDs, which are personally identifiable. I have tried to remove such references as I could find. Please note that maintaining privacy and/or security is important for both me and my work. I have looked through the logs and other files in the .ZIP file and cannot discern anything untoward. I would be very interested to know: (a) whether you find some clues in those files and what those clues are; (b) under what conditions MBAM and the Clean Tool are likely to give an error indicating that they are "Unable to contact license server". Thanks again. ___________________________
  3. Privacy/Security: Apologies @Master Blaster, but when I wrote the statement: "I'm not sure I want to attach that file here, in an open forum, there's a lot of secondary confidential data in those files in the .ZIP" - I was intentionally addressing myself in response to @dcollins' helpful/constructive comment: "3. Click Gather Logs and once the process is done, upload the zip file it creates on your desktop named mbst-grab-results.zip " That is, I had faithfully followed the 3 steps suggested, but held off on sending the attachment of the .ZIP file (for the reasons stated). I don't wish to appear rude, but I was not actually intending to engage in an aside forum discussion regarding my reasoning for that. Download the Latest MB3 v3.4.5.2467 CU 1.0.342: Many thanks for providing the link for download. I had already downloaded and installed that version, following @exile360's helpful comment (i.e., the implication that the later version might have had the problem fixed). In fact MBAM v3.4.5.2467 seemed to make no difference and the "Unable to contact license server" problem apparently persists across versions. Before I had time to report back here on the result, @dcollins had posted his helpful/constructive comment. Thus, when I followed the steps indicated and then additionally used the MBAM Support Tool to Clean uninstall and then download/reinstall MBAM, it was MBAM v3.4.5.2467 that was expunged and that the Tool itself also failed to download a new copy of - i.e., similar to the "Unable to contact license server" problem. That last point was why I wrote: "This rather begins to look like it could be a Win10 OS problem, rather than a problem with MBAM." That is, what we now would seem to know is that: The error: Successive recent/current versions of the MBAM proggy consistently/repeatedly report the error on Activation: "Unable to contact license server. Check your network settings or contact your system administrator for help." May be a common error: A separate proggy - The MBAM Support Tool reports the error that: "Malwarebytes for Windows could not be downloaded due to a network problem." Potential weak links are working OK: My browsers - I tried 2 - go to https://keystone.mwbsys.com (the URL for the Activation server) and produce "OK" at that webpage - thus, neither the browsers nor the firewall/router were inhibiting the communication. The Win10 OS network settings seem to check out OK: "I've checked the network settings and run the Network troubleshooter, but nothing seemed to be wrong or got fixed." So, one question to ask might be: What special certification protocol or handshaking might be expected/used by the two proggies referred to, when they go to https://keystone.mwbsys.com ? (Clearly they would seem to be not getting whatever protocol they expected.) @dcollins makes the comment above: "Something is causing our connection to the keystone site to timeout, although I don't see anything on the machine that would do that. Can you try activating in Safe Mode with Networking?" So. it looks as though I should maybe try "activating in Safe Mode with Networking". Meanwhile, could someone on this forum please tell me how to check whatever certificates may be necessitated when the above two proggies are trying to access MBAM servers for Activation and/or MBAM file download? Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm not sure I want to attach that file here, in an open forum, there's a lot of secondary confidential data in those files in the .ZIP I also used the MBAM Support Tool to Clean uninstall and then download/reinstall MBAM. It did the Clean OK, but interestingly, on trying to downlad a copy of the latest version of MBAM, it gave this error: --------------------------- Installation Error --------------------------- Malwarebytes for Windows could not be downloaded due to a network problem. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- This rather begins to look like it could be a Win10 OS problem, rather than a problem with MBAM.
  5. Ah, thanks for that response @exile360. Yes, thanks, I am well aware of the risks in using a RAMdisk to hold TEMP where proggie developers have taken the professionally inadvisable shortcut of using TEMP for holding essential carryover files inbetween reboots, in installers. Cleanmgr and CCleaner, etc. can have fun with those. TEMP is called "TEMP" for a reason. I always take care to install MBAM with C:\TEMP set, having discovered that the MBAM installs generally fail when using a RAMdisk TEMP, apparently for the above reason. It was only mb-clean that was run using RAMdisk TEMP. With C:\TEMP set, I shall try to remove MBAM via mb-clean and then reinstall the newer prototype version(s) you referred to. I'll see what luck I have there. Will report back here on the result, as this seems to be a pretty common problem, so any experience of a workaround or fix could potentially be useful knowledge input for others on this forum. /RANT ON: I'm pretty phlegmatic when things go wrong with software, but, such inadvisable shortcuts notwithstanding, I am becoming somewhat fed up with the recurring installation/update problems with MBAM over what has now become an extended period of well over a year, and when it does install successfully it's a major RAM hog and there's nothing subtle about its "background" activity and resource consumption either. It demands attention, but I usually have more rewarding/useful things to expend my cognitive surplus on. Despite its potential, it's rather becoming nothing but trouble. /RANT OFF
  6. After uninstalling MBAM Premium and then reinstalling MBAM (using mbam-setup-, I seem to have the exact same problem. So I uninstalled MBAM again, using mb-clean- and then reinstalled (using mbam-setup-, but the problem persists. The file mb-clean-results.txt is attached to this forum post. It seems to indicate no major problems except that "Failed to open Postreboot file R:\Temp\postreboot.txt", which is presumably because the TEMP folder is a RAMdisk which is destroyed at reboot. So, at present, MBAM is stuck in Trial Mode and each Activation attempt produces this consistently repeated nagging error (is there some way to switch this off?): --------------------------- Network Settings --------------------------- Unable to contact license server. Check your network settings or contact your system administrator for help. --------------------------- I've checked the network settings and run the Network troubleshooter, but nothing seemed to be wrong or got fixed. Going to https://keystone.mwbsys.com produces "OK" at that webpage. Just in case, I manually assigned mbamtray.exe and mbam.exe Admin status (I did both because I am unsure which one is trying to access the keystone site) and added them to the Allow list in the Windows Firewall Control list. This made no difference and the error persists. OS is Win10-64 Pro v1607. Any ideas as to how to fix this would be welcome. Thanks in advance. mb-clean-results.txt
  7. Hello Ron, Thankyou very much for taking the trouble to reply. However, though I am well-used to acting as a ß-tester for software developers, I do not have the time to test the download links that you provide for MBAM versions. If you wish me to download a particular (or the latest) version, then please provide the relevant/correct download link. The latest I previously had was (as per above discussion thread): mbam-setup- - mb3-setup-consumer- The latest available via the main MBAm site would seem to be: https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com/web/mb3-setup-consumer/mb3-setup-consumer- - i.e., same version as you refer to in your response. NB: This is using ramdrive temp path variable R:\TEMP - not sure whether that is relevant (as above). Executing that file gives the error: --------------------------- Runtime Error (at 351:120): Could not call proc. --------------------------- So this is something new, at least, and which brings me back to the 4 questions - (a) to (d) - as above. Nudge: Any response to those 4 questions? (a) What is the script that is failing (a copy would be helpful if you are not familiar with the script). (b) What is happening at line 79:120 ? (now apparently 351:120) (c) What is failing at that point, and why? (d) What remedial action (from experience) is usually recommended as being required to avoid that failure? You can probably now begin to appreciate why I had pretty much lost confidence in the MBAM installer, though I still think of the software as having been an excellent product (despite the described memory and I/O-hogging problems, which I saw as temporary setbacks), prior to this installation nonsense becoming manifest. I really would like to continue using it, but it seems to be stuck, currently unable to update beyond: Version Information Malwarebyces version: Component package version: 1.0.103 Update package version: 1.0.3021 Please pass me on to your Level 3 support if you are unable to assist with this MBAM installation problem. (Is that the correct way to request re-prioritisation?) Thanks again. Regards, S. ______________________________________________________
  8. Quote: Ron Lewis - Posted Saturday at 06:02 PM Since you're not willing to allow us to assist you there isn't much I can say or do to fix it. If you do change your mind please let me know and I'll be more than happy to assist you. Yes, there was a bug in the installer from a previous build but a download and install from the latest installer should fix that. https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3/ If your sure you'd like a refund, then our eCommerce partner Cleverbridge handles any issues relating to your refund. Thank you Ron Ron Lewis - Forum Community Manager /End Quote. _____________________________________________ Slartibartfarst response: Hello Ron, Many thanks for your prompt response, and for the link to the download file. That leads to file: mb3-setup-consumer- I did download that same file (same CRC hash as well) back in Jan 2017, and, according to my notes at the time, it came up with the error: --------------------------- Runtime Error (at 14:76): Could not call proc. --------------------------- (Looked like an installation script error.) I tried it again just now and the same error ensued, so that is consistent, at any rate. But since then I have tried successive versions (in vain hope that the problem would have been fixed) the last being in Sep. 2017: mb3-setup-consumer- The latter gave error: (As already described in the thread above.)_________________________________ Runtime Error (at 79:120): Could not call proc. _________________________________ It still gives this error. This error (looks like an installation script error) is consistently reproducible. Furthermore, reverting the RAMdisk \Temp directory to C:\ does not seem to be a workaround. (I tried that without even knowing whether it was a real workaround to this common problem, as described in the thread above.) It would seem to be a non-sequitur to say (as you do) that , "Since you're not willing to allow us to assist you..." I would very much appreciate constructive and useful help/assistance, (without any implicit defensive and/or arrogantly offensive overtones please). Thus, my first questions would be: (a) What is the script that is failing (a copy would be helpful if you are not familiar with the script). (b) What is happening at line 79:120 ? (c) What is failing at that point, and why? (d) What remedial action (from experience) is usually recommended as being required to avoid that failure? Thanks, in anticipation of your helpful reply. Regards, S. ______________________________________________________
  9. Hello @Porthos. Thanks for your comment. Sorry for the belated response. I downloaded the mbam-check app and ran it. I have also run the latest version again today. I found nothing untoward in the scan logs, so this remains as an unsolved problem/bug in the installer. I am NOT about to send the logs to a third party as the laptop in question is a backup to my high-security laptop. Interestingly the high security laptop is now experiencing a similar bug. It is running v3.0.6.1469 and has been nagging for ages to press the "Install" button for a "new and improved version of Malwarebytes", but, whenever I do that it cannot proceed due to: _________________________________ Runtime Error (at 79:120): Could not call proc. _________________________________ Looks like an installation script error message. I had read on another forum that this may have been due to using a RAMdrive for the \TEMP folder, but when I restored C:\TEMP the same result ensued. Now I am in the predicament where several of my clients - whom I recommended that they use Malwarebytes - are experiencing the same problem and I am unable to help them. Malwarebytes meanwhile publishes nothing on its news blog as a fix for this (what appears to be) common problem. Is anyone able to advise of the procedure for requesting a refund of licence for MBAM? It's evidently a dead loss if it is unable to be supported, going forwards (e.g., ironically, can't even install its own update when it is apparently running OK). With this new unresolved bug and the one posted above, I really have had a gutsfull of this software and now am regretting and having to be apologetic for having recommended it on my blog far and wide. and especially to friends and clients alike. Sorry to seem negative, but (for myself and many other users that I know of) MBAM has turned out to be nothing but trouble for the last 10 months - and this is additional to the thing's performance becoming intolerable - e.g., it is sometimes a monstrous memory hog, and regularly seems to clog up the I/O buses with 3 and 4Mb/sec throughput binges. Quite frankly, this forum also seems to have declined in terms of usefulness, with some respondents making dogmatic and defensive statements about classic bugs, whilst being unable to offer any explanation or help whatsoever. I used to set up help desks for HP in Australasia, and they would have been mortified by such nonsense, if it came from their personnel or user groups (which latter they monitored closely). This is apparently an MBAM user forum though, and the respondents are not necessarily MBAM personnel, but the indicators are that MBAM should probably consider taking more responsibility/ownership for the quality of content and support. It's not a good look, anyway.
  10. Hello@1PW and thankyou for the response. As explained and following on from above: (a) I have already expunged MBAM v2.x from the 2nd laptop in question, using Malwarebytes' own tool designed for that purpose - clean- (b) MBAM v2.x had to be expunged as it was stuck at the point where it could not (had been unable to, for weeks/months) update itself to MBAM v3.x. (c) This inability to update is apparently a common bug, and the workaround is to use the clean- tool to expunge MBAM v2.x. This is what I did. This was an identical situation to another (the 1st) laptop that I had earlier worked on. (d) On the 1st laptop, MBAM v3.x installed without a hitch, once the v2.x had been thus expunged. (e) However, on this 2nd laptop, MBAM v3.x cannot seem to install and the install repeatedly and consistently fails with the same error message. (f) The error message is: Runtime Error (at 49:120): Could not call proc. (g) I followed 2 separate threads in the Malwarebytes forum which discussed this error. One that offered hope suggested checking for and deleting untrusted certificates as a fix - which I did, but there were no such certificates. So the problem is not a problem related to the use of MBAM, but a problem in that MBAM v3.x will not install, after expunging MBAM v2.x. So the steps that you suggest to be followed (per link above) would seem to be redundant/irrelevant to this case. Hope this makes sense and is of use. I shall now scour this forum for threads that discuss failure to install. Maybe that will produce some joy. I wondered whether MBAM v2.x may have left some redundant hooks in the Registry, even after being expunged, and whether that could possibly be causing a problem. However CCleaner Pro has not managed to clean any such redundant hooks out.
  11. I have just uninstalled the MBAM v2.2 something, using clean-, as MBAM had the bug where it could not update itself to v3 via the normal update process. Before uninstalling, I deactivated the licence key (lifetime licence). This was on my backup laptop. It was the exact same drill as I had to use on my main laptop, some weeks back. That had installed without problem. However, when I came to run the installer mb3-setup-consumer- on this second laptop, the error message occurs: Runtime Error (at 49:120): Could not call proc. This is repeatable across boot-ups. So I cannot install MBAM. I have read two separate threads about this error, on this forum. They do not help me. There are no untrusted certificates or anything on this laptop. Any assistance would be gratefully accepted, as I am stumped at this point. Regards, S.
  12. Thankyou for your response above. At least my questions would seem to have been collectively answered, namely: (a) The root cause of this, what seems to be a continuing/common problem, is not understood and so a fix is not yet known/published. (b) The only workaround would seem to be as suggested by @daledoc1 (thanks) - carefully following ALL of the steps at: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x I had to smile at: That will take an estimated 1:10hrs elapsed time due to Win10 update on the laptop in question being stuck in a looping failed update cycle at each boot time. Sheesh. Speaking as a developer, I do rather think that apparently common/recurring bugs such as the one I describe above should have been ironed out and fixed in Beta testing, but then perhaps my expectations could be unrealistic.
  13. The problem is: Malwarebytes says it is "Unable to access update server" I see that this subject had been discussed previously in this forum, a couple of years ago, and is closed to comment. The workaround at the time seems to have been drastic: the user had to perform a full and clean uninstall of MBAM, and then reinstall. This was presumably because no fix had been developed as no-one had defined of understood the cause of the problem, so the solution was to akin to removing a car engine and replacing it with a new one if it was misfiring, instead of cleaning the spark-plugs, or something. My question is, therefore: Is it still the case that one has to perform the drastic workaround, or is there a fix for this problem? I need to know because my MBAM is still stuck at database date 2016-07-26 and I would rather fix the problem quickly and simply if at all possible. Thanks in anticipation. S.
  14. Procedure described below is consistently and repeatedly unable to activate the product on new laptop after installing from latest downloaded installer and entering the correct lifetime licence ID and Key. Installed product keeps insisting it is a Trial version and is now about to expire. Advice requested! I have tried to email Support but the email page seems broken (that was using Firefox). I am posting this using IE-x64 (Win10). ---------------------------- To activate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium: Click Activate located at the top right of the application. If you can't find Activate, you have already registered the product. Copy and paste the Key into the Key box If you also have an ID, please click on "I also have an ID..." Copy and paste the ID from the e-mail into the ID box Click Activate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will now enable all Premium features and automatically enable the real-time protection module. ___________________ Thanks in advance.
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