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  1. I have the same problem on Windows XP, using both IE7 and Firefox, with Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask search engines. However I do not have the problem with the Infospace and Search search engines (so far). I have found out some stuff that may be helpful in understing the symptom a little more but I haven't zeroed in on the solution yet. I also found that even using the infected engines, if instead of clicking on the link in the title of an entry, you cut and paste the url found at the bottom of the entry into the address field of your browser, it works correctly. It's a little extra effort, but until I can really get rid of the hijacker, it is a temporary fix that does seem to work. Or I just use one of the uninfected (so far) engines. I believe that the hijacker is using the info in the <a ... > tag to facilitate the hijacking. I do not have a problem with any other links, only those presented by the "infected" engines.
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